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Anne de Kiev, Reine de France, Part Deux

When Putin attempted to “kidnap” Ukrainian history by absconding with Anne de Kiev and transforming her into Anna de Russia, he created a maelstrom.  It strongly sided against Russia.

Russia has been trying to rewrite history, but there are some things even Vlad the Prick of St. Petersburg (not the more famous Florida city, either), oops, Impaler cannot do. My apologies to Romania for possibly insulting your more famous Vlad.

This whole situation is fairly simple.  Putin tried to claim Anna de Kiev was Russian, she was Ukraine. Then she became Reine of France.  Now Russia is trying to merge the two histories, trying to maintain a semblance of peace, but it’s like a schoolyard bully lying through his teeth, trying to play it off as an innocent mistake.

Russia was caught, red-handed, lying.

Russia, just apologize.  For the first time in history, admit you made a mistake, confess, and ask forgiveness.  That will do 1,000 times more than Lavrov’s lies.

Just grow up, Russia.




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