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Exposing Fake News Trending

Last night a tragic event occurred in Manchester, England.  A suicide bomber killed at least 22 people and wounded at least 60 others.

Immediately sick people also flooded the internet with fake news:

  • Loose gunmen
  • Ariana Grande injured
  • Ariana Grande quitting music
  • Little boy missing

This morning, Huffington Post put out a unique story: Don’t Believe These Fake News Stories About The Ariana Grande Concert Attack.  A local news source in the UK,, published this: Manchester terror fake news: Daily Mail looks for phantom missing children (in Australia!)

The credibility of the media is at stake:

Mr Warren Fernandez, The Straits Times editor and editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holdings’ English/Malay/Tamil Media group, said the spread of fake news around the world highlights the need for good, credible and reliable journalism.

“Media organisations have an interest in retaining the trust of their readers,” he said.

“Democracies have an interest in ensuring that they have media organisations that meet voters’ needs for reliable information, to help them make good choices. This forum will delve into how these interests are best served today,” he added.

We live in a sick world where trolls get their jollies at the worst possible times.

It is a tragic day, indeed. It is made worse by attention whores publishing fake news. Thank goodness the media is drawing attention to and exposing fake news and is looking to codify these practices.



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