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The Russian Orthodox Church Expanding Propaganda?

The meeting of the ark with the relics of St. Nicholas in the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow © Artem Geodakian / TASS Подробнее на ТАСС:

Not to diminish any of the relics of the Russian Orthodox Church, but it is interesting when TASS can devote so much space to a 1,700-year-old relic and none to ongoing nationwide strikes and protests in their own country.


Despite the occasional awkwardness of the machine translation, the sentence in the following article defies all logic.  How a “Criminologist” can make this statement is incomprehensible. How in the he-double-hockey-sticks can they measure “power” is not defined and most likely is not an apt description.  The theological nature of the Russian Orthodox Church depends on faith, there is no scientific nature, nor anything that can be measured, in any part of Christianity. Hence, the above paragraph defies scientific explanation, which a true criminologist can definitely not explain.

crim·i·nol·o·gyˌkriməˈnäləjē/ noun
  1. the scientific study of crime and criminals.

Perhaps this explains how charges and the outcome of many criminal trials in Russia defies explanation.

Elsewhere, especially in Ukraine, they have noticed that the Russian Orthodox Church is used for propaganda purposes.  One has to wonder if the religious relic is being brought to Russia for this purpose.

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Historical event: the relics Nikolaya Chudotvortsa brought from Italy to Russia

May 21, 21:10UTC + 3

During the 52 days the relic will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then return to Italy

MOSCOW, May 21./ TASS /. The Orthodox Russians a great holiday – the first time in 930 years of the city of Bari in southern Italy in Russia brought the relics of St. Nikolaya Chudotvortsa, who is revered in Russia as the protector of orphans, sailors, travelers and innocent prisoners. On the morning of the papal basilica of Bari held a double service of the Russian and Italian clergy, then the act was signed on the transfer of the relics: the next 52 days they will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then return to Italy.

The liturgy in the papal basilica

Liturgy on the occasion of the historical event began in the Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari, where the saint’s relics are stored in 1078, early in the morning on Sunday.

On the service was attended by Russian pilgrims, in particular the residents of Moscow and Cherepovets, and the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church – the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Volokolamskiy Ilarion head of the Office and by foreign institutions of the Moscow Patriarchate Bishop Anthony Bogorodsky Sevryuk.

The service was held in the lower church of the Basilica, where the tomb of Nikolaya Ugodnika, whose relics are almost 930 years were hidden marble slab weighing more than 30 tons. In the crypt during the liturgy everyone underwent the rite of Communion.

Special Operation

After the agreement, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and Pope Francis for a time bringing the relics of the saint in the Russian specialists carried out an operation for the removal of particles from the tomb relics. Initially it was assumed that this would be the shin, but the size of the hole in the lid of cancers, arranged for taking the holy chrism and not more than 5 centimeters in diameter, not allowed to remove as much bone. Then the doctors chose the ninth left rib saint. The operation was performed by a medical device – fiberscope.

“It is gratifying that it is a very symbolic part of the relics was this bone was close to the heart of why we can say that on Sunday, the heart of Saint Nicholas reached Russia.” – said prior Ciro hood, a member of the Dominican religious order which in 1950 ‘s, controls the basilica.

For his part, Archbishop of Bari, Francesco Kakuchchi noted that his city is called “Happy Bari” due to the fact that there is almost a thousand years, the relics of the saint. “Now we can say: Happy Moscow, St. Petersburg happy, happy Rus”, – he said.

Golden Ark shut

The relics of the saint were originally placed in a small ark of precious metals where the ribs in wax to make a special notch. After double prayer to St. Nicholas, committed on Russian and Latin at the top of the basilica, a small ark was moved to a large, custom-built Russian Orthodox Church. Gilded ark weighs 45 kilograms and is covered with an armored glass cover, through which the Orthodox Russians will be able to see the relics of the saint. Such a possibility in the Italian temple there – the faithful venerate the marble slab.

Criminologists, who worked with the relics, noted that despite the fact that St. Nicholas lived almost 1700 years ago, its power is very well preserved.

The Ark is closed for special lock, the key of which solemnly handed over to the Italian side. Under a cannonade salute shrine was carried out of the basilica. Special open car with a glass cube brought the relic to Bari airport, from where it was transported by plane to Moscow accompanied by Metropolitan Hilarion and Archbishop Kakuchchi.

Meeting in Russia

As I pointed out in his speech at the Basilica of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alpheus), bringing relics of the saint are thousands of believers in Russia.

“Today, our entire Russian people froze in anticipation of this great shrine. And for a while until the relics of St. Nicholas will be in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, they will be able to worship thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other faithful of the Russian Orthodox Church, living in various lands “- Hilarion said.

The Ark was taken from the Moscow Vnukovo airport in Christ the Savior Cathedral, where the evening service held Patriarch Kirill. Despite the fact that officially the access of pilgrims to the Cathedral will open at 14:00 MSK, Monday, May 22, people have already come to the temple to listen to the preaching and worship of the Patriarch saint. Almost every one of them refers to the Nikolayu Chudotvortsu with hidden request: someone asks for deliverance from disease for yourself and loved ones, and some of intercession and good luck in business.

“Saint and Wonderworker Nicholas from the point of view of national veneration in Russia was and remains the first saint Almost all the houses in the past, and in many homes of Orthodox people today, there is sure to three icons: Savior, Our Lady and St. Nikolaya Chudotvortsa.” – Patriarch said Christ the Savior Cathedral, which gathered several thousand people.

Before 12 July the relics will stay in Moscow, and then transported the ark in St. Petersburg, where, most likely, he will be placed in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery before July 28th.