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Chinese fighter flies inverted over US Air Force jet

A file image of two Chinese Su-30 fighter jets. The same type of jets were said to have intercepted a US WC-135 Wednesday, according to the US.

It’s only been a few short years since a US Navy EP-3E ARIES II SIGINT aircraft and a PLA Navy (PLAN) J-8II interceptor fighter jet ‘bumped’ in mid-air, the Chinese pilot was killed and the US aircraft was forced to land at Hainan Island on April 1, 2001. Since then, relations between the US and China have improved immeasurably. 

Now *poof*, China wants it gone? 

Sending an intercept jet to shadow an intelligence gathering aircraft is acceptable.  Flying near is expected. But maneuvering close and dangerously send a strategic message.

Everything sends a message, today. Any interaction between aircraft, in which one behaves unprofessionally will directly impact at the highest levels. The pilot knew that, so one might assume China did this intentionally. In the wake of North Korean nuclear and missile tests, this type of monitoring is necessary.  

China, what is the message you are sending?

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Updated 9:58 PM ET, Thu May 18, 2017

(CNN) Two Chinese Su-30 fighter jets intercepted a US Air Force radiation detection plane over the East China Sea Wednesday, according to the US Pacific Air Forces.

The US crew aboard the US Air Force WC-135 characterized the move as “unprofessional,” according to the statement from Air Force Lt. Col. Hodge.

“While we are still investigating the incident, initial reports from the U.S. aircrew characterized the intercept as unprofessional. The issue is being addressed with China through appropriate diplomatic and military channels,” Hodge said.

Earlier, a US official told CNN the Chinese jets came within 150 feet of the US plane, with one of the Su-30s flying inverted, or upside down, directly above the American plane.

Dubbed the “Constant Phoenix,” the four-engine WC-135 jet looks for distinctive elements a nuclear test of any type would emit into the air. The collected samples can be analyzed to determine exactly what occurred.

The WC-135 has been regularly deployed on routine missions in Northeast Asia, according to the US official. The planes have been used in the past to gather evidence of possible nuclear tests by North Korea.

An WC-135W Constant Phoenix aircraft performs touch 'n go landing exercises at Offutt Air Force Base.

The Air Force has two of the WC-135 jets that operate out of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

Wednesday’s incident was the second between US and Chinese planes this year.

In February, US defense officials said there was an “unsafe” close encounter between a US Navy P-3 Orion aircraft and a Chinese surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea.

In that incident, a US official told CNN the US Navy plane had to alter course to ensure there wasn’t a collision with what one official said was a People’s Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200. The planes came within 1,000 feet of each other, US officials said.

After the February incident, US officials said close encounters between US and Chinese forces are extremely rare, with no such incidents in 2015 and two in 2016.



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