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Assange Will Probably ‘Escape’ To Russia

Very interesting.  Russia first broke the story about Sweden dropping the rape investigation on Julian Assange. How did Russia get the scoop?

Then there are hundreds of articles, worldwide, about Sweden dropping the case against Assange.

Then the world is reminded, the case against Assange is much more than a simple rape investigation.

Suddenly, Assange is willing to talk.

Now there is a simple case of Assange leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy.  Wherever will he go?

As the illustration above alludes, Russia has the most to gain and many contend Wikileaks, run by Assange, is a Russian intelligence tool.  He’ll probably go to the Russian Embassy.  It’s a short walk.  Doubtful the Russians will allow him to walk, the US and the UK REALLY want to talk with Assange about Wikileaks.  At one point the US forced a plane to the ground, thinking Assange was on board…


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