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Gmail Can Now Write Replies For You

Oh, please, please, please tell me it’s soon going to have a feature that says “Thank you for your wonderful advertisement inviting me to visit your website for <an atrociously boring product>. I look forward to unsubscribing from your list and hope you gag on all the crap you send out.  As much as I appreciate your interest, I have as much interest in <your atrociously boring product> as I do in your arranging a blind date for me with a <feminist/gender fluid/transgender/LGBTIQ/SGL/GSM/GSRM/GSD/MOGII/SGM/WSW of your choice>. If you believe that is a positive response, please confer with a mental health professional.

</end editorial>

Google is using its artificial intelligence to automate the most endless task of the day: replying to emails.

Posted on May 17, 2017, at 1:46 p.m.

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