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The Criminal King AKA Don of Odessa Alexander Angert AKA Angel Is Dead

Odessa “Don” Alexander Angert aka Angel

This would be a good case study.  How many degrees of separation between Alexander Angert and Putin?

Alexander Angert was “the Don” of Odessa, in other words, he was a certified bad guy.

He had close ties to Yanukovych.   Operators of cargo terminal raise questions

Has ties to Russian oil magnate Alexander Zhukov. Revealed: the Russian magnate who paid no tax for 13 years as UK citizen

He ‘owned’ Odessa mayor Gennady Truhanov. Odessa City Hall getting far murkier again? Organised Crime

Has ties to Oleksandr Zhukov, another mafioso type of Odessa.  The criminal mayor of Odesa  Zhukov’s daughter is dating Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who is considered one of “purses” of Vladimir Putin.

The question, now, is who takes over?  How will Putin move to own the new “Don”?  What is Ukraine going to do to prevent Putin from owning the new Don?

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

May 12, 2017 9:25

From cancer, died a criminal king and the shadow governor of Odessa, a longtime friend of the current mayor Gennady Truhanov – 62-year-old Alexander Angert, better known in the city as Sasha Angel.

Recently there were rumors about a serious illness Angert and its treatment in an Austrian clinic, after which journalists and social media users have been actively discussed the possibility of redistribution of Odessa, which will be without Angel, and what can I save the position of his colleague Gennady Truhanov.

Angert Aleksandr Anatolevich, born in 1955, in 1979 was convicted of premeditated murder, with which he began his criminal career. Served 10 years out of 15, it came out in 1990, after which began to “cooperation” with such criminal “sharks” of Odessa as Valery and Victor Kulivar Tomal (Karabas). After rising above Tomal, Karabas death and the victory over the eternal enemies of the “thieves’ world – Georgi Stoyanov and Sergeem Ershovym (Katsap), Angel got unlimited influence and significant assets in the business. By the way, as a result of open war between katsapovskimi and Angelovski, wife Ershov lost his leg, which was the cause Katsap surrender.

Against the background of merging of criminals with a business angel he became a business partner of well-known Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, the current in-law Aleksandra Zhukova, which is a significant part of the capital not earned business and shadow method, pumping through the port of Odessa Russian oil and arms trading.

As Zhukov Angert chose their place of residence British capital – London, while being a citizen of two states – Israel and Venezuela.

Shadow King of Odessa Alexander Angert was non-public person, there is only one picture of him in the public domain, but in 1997 this rule was broken when he came into open conflict with the information then mayor of Edward Hurwitz. Platform for explanation of the relationship have been chosen … TV Odessa.

According to the rollback, Gennady Truhanov, who on 10 May is officially on vacation, went to teammate funeral.



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