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Czech Girl Scout Who Stood Up to Neo-Nazi Is Internet Hero

The powerful image was captured at the rally of an extreme-right movement held in Brno, Czech Republic, on May Day

Photo by Vladimír Čičmanec
Photo by Vladimír Čičmanec

Published 03.05.2017
Last updated 04.05.2017

What will be the most remembered/shared photo of 2017?

Last year that photo was possibly the image of a bloody, dusty Syrian boy awaiting medical help in Aleppo following a chemical attack.

This shot, taken at an extreme right rally held on Monday, May 1, in Brno, could possibly be in the running for this year’s most iconic image.

Taken by Vladimír Čičmanec, it was posted yesterday by the World Organization of Scout Movements on their Facebook page and has quickly gone viral.

The photo shows Lucie, a Brno Junák český skaut (Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic) holding a sign which says “We will raise your children,” the Scout motto.

Other local photographers posted additional pictures of the powerful exchange between the teen and the grown man on their social media.

You can read a full interview with Lucie, in the Czech language only, on Czech Radiowave.

UPDATE: An interview with Lucie in the English language can be read at at


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