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Russia Undermines Iran’s Case Blaming Al Jazeera For Syrian Chemical Attack.

FARS, one of the official news agencies in Iran, appears to be going all-in, making the case against Al Jazeera for staging the chemical attack in Syria.

More Secrets Exposed about Fake Video of Chemical Incident in Syria’s Idlib

FARS cites history, names, and weaves an intricate web of facts not normally seen in Iranian news of any type.

A diplomatic source who requested anonymity told Sputnik that the latest footage of a chemical weapons attack against civilians in Syria had been filmed recently and appeared to be ordered from a European country.

Meantime, the Russian Reconciliation Center said, “According to information from a number of sources among local residents and opposition formations … special ‘video brigades’ carried out staged filming in the past week of alleged consequences of shelling and airstrikes, including with the use of ‘poisonous substances’.”

The center added that some of the “consultants” of the brigades were recognized by the locals as cameramen shooting news in the region for the Al Jazeera channel.

Russia and Syria have struggled to find a way to blame others, anyone, other than themselves.

So why did Russia’s Sputnik do this?

Information on Al-Jazeera Filming Staged Chemical Attack in Syria Not Confirmed

14:52 04.05.2017

Information about television channel Al-Jazeera’s stringers allegedly filming a staged chemical attack by government forces against civilians in Syria was not confirmed.

On May 4, citing a military and diplomatic source, RIA Novosti news agency as well as other Russian media published an article alleging that Qatar-based television channel Al-Jazeera’s stringers filmed a staged attack in the settlements of Seraqeb, Erich and Jisr Shughur (Idlib province). According to the source, the filming was ordered from a European country.

After a rigorous check, this information was not confirmed by other sources. The agency cannot consider this information credible and tenders apologies to its readers and subscribers.

Why would Russia’s Sputnik attack the credibility of Iran’s FARS report?

Does this indicate a split between Russia and Iran?

Does this indicate an actual concern by Sputnik, RT, and the Kremlin for credibility on the part of FARS?

Is this an attempt by Sputnik to do Al Jazeera a favor?

Oh, goodness, a conspiracy theory, just the kind that Russia loves…


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