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Russia MisRemembers History

This little piece of garbàge is circulating in Russian circles.   My eyes were immediately drawn to the word “ingratitude”.  Oh, Mr. Soviet Bear, thank you so much for invading us, trying to destroy our will to live, killing all our Jews, and attempting to kill off our culture for 50 years.   

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browswer)

Patronage of Stalin over Poland and a short memory, and the ingratitude of the Poles

The new Polish history has a date – April 21, that the Poles are trying not to notice. It was April 21, 1945 the territory of Poland, thanks to the sole discretion I. V. Stalina has grown by one-third – at the expense confiscated from German Silesia and Pomerania.

Polish interim government established December 31, 1944 addressed to the Soviet Union with a proposal to compensate the Polish territorial losses incurred by the country after the accession to the Soviet Union of the Western Ukraine and Western Belarus. The increment of the Polish territory was to be at the expense of land, for centuries belonged to the neighboring Prussia – namely, Silesia and Pomerania. Stalin favorably reacted to the request of the Poles. 

WTF?  Gentle reader, please allow me to refresh your memory.  The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany invaded Poland – to start World War II.  Why Poland should be grateful to Russia for anything borders on insanity.

Perhaps the Bulgarians had it right.

“Your mother sucks bears in the forest” and “Your nose is like a Russian pussy”.

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