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My Hero: Girl Scout Shows Incredible Strength, Courage, And Tenacity

Lucie, a Scout from Junák – český skaut, in discussion with a supporter of extreme right movements, in Brno (#CzechRepublic).

Put this one fearless Girl Scout up against a neo-Nazi and you create a meme that is one of the most powerful weapons in the world.  Inspiration, pure and simple. Hope, courage, ideology, faith, belief.

This is one powerful, incredible young woman, driven by something so powerful, I just want to synthesize some, nurture it, grow it, and have thousands of her kind stand up to extremists of all kinds, beliefs, and convictions.  Stand up for goodness, what is right, what is just, and what the world should be.

She is already a global internet sensation.

Strength, courage, and tenacity.

The last time I saw something this inspiring, was “I am a Ukrainian“.

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Fearless young girl scout stands up to neo-Nazi at march in Czech Republic

A photo of a girl scout standing up to a neo-Nazi is being shared on social media by people who are finding inspiration in the young girl’s courage. The picture stands to be the next great image in the pantheon of iconic protest photos. The image shows a scout named Lucie who came face to face with a marcher at a far-right rally held on May 1 in Brno, Czech Republic. Demonstrators of all ages from all walks of life reportedly showed up at the march to protest the neo-Nazi group’s message of hate and advocated for “values of diversity, peace and understanding,” according to a Facebook post by The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), which shared the photo online.

The image is particularly surreal as it shows Lucie, clad in her khaki scout uniform, amid what appears to be a rather chaotic situation, holding what the WOSM described as a “discussion” with a far-right marcher. Positioned in the center background of the image is what looks like a Czech police officer or military member carrying a large automatic weapon, among a sea of other marchers, protesters and photographers. Meanwhile, bubbles — the kind children play with — wistfully float by Lucie’s head as she holds a sign just a little above waist-high.

Other photos from the scene that surfaced on Twitter showed the full sign Lucie held. According to reports, the English translation of the words printed on the sign is, “We will raise your children,” the motto of her girl scouts group.

Lucie’s act of resistance caught on camera is just the latest in a series of strong females standing up for their beliefs in the last year, as political and cultural tensions around the world have risen. In 2016, a photo of Ieshia Evans of New York City going toe to toe with heavily-armed police officers in Louisiana at a protest against the killing of an unarmed black man went viral. And a photo of Tess Asplund, a 42-year-old activist from Sweden, facing down a group of neo-Nazis at a march went viral as well.