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Did ‘Nazis’ Tape an Antifa Member to a Box?

I would not normally blog a Snopes article.  

I’ll make an exception in this case, due to a few unusual factors, most of which I find very amusing.  

  • Snopes is regarded by a few fact-checking sites as ‘center’, unbiased, fair, and objective.  Real experience dealing with a few of the Snopes editors and fact checkers on Snope Facebook forums reveals they are strongly liberal. They are so liberal that they tolerate no opposing opinions in their discussion forums.  Even questioning their logic from an enforced neutral perspective is regarded as an attack. Their responses are actually typical of many of the responses I’ve heard by Antifa and other extreme leftist organizations.
  • Antifa is an extreme left organization, they’re to the left of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky. Members commonly wear communist flags as lapel pins, t-shirts, face masks, and so on. For strongly biased Snopes editors and fact-checkers to expose this as a joke at Antifa’s expense must have taken some real stones (a military term, but you should get the implication). 
  • “Fifth Avenue Antifa”, where I originally saw this posted on Twitter, is exposed as an Antifa parody site.  A joke at Antifa’s expense. The claim was so bizarre, and I had spent a considerable amount of time investigating legal actions against Antifa today, I was certain I would have seen this widely circulated.  It definitely fit into the “too good to be true” category, so I went “in search of”…
  • Last, but certainly not least, I have a sense of humor and this definitely made me laugh. Enjoy! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!

I have only one serious question for anyone to answer – please. Rumors are that George Soros is funding Antifa. Can anybody point to any credible information about it?  Is there a real connection between Antifa and the DNC, the Democratic Party, or any Democratic action committee, organization or sponsor? Hillary Clinton just declared she would part of the resistance, is there possibly a connection to her? At what point do we declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization or even seditious, and, therefore, any connections to the Democrats might be criminal? Could there be a Russian connection?

</end editorial>

A photograph showing a person duct-taped to an electrical box is real, but the context with which it is offered is misleading.

An image shows an anti-fascist protester duct-taped to an electrical box by neo-Nazis.




A photograph of a hapless person duct-taped upside down to what appears to be an electrical box or newspaper bin was popularized in March 2017, when it was shared along with the claim that it showed the result of an interaction between the antifa movement and neo-Nazis:


The image is real, but has nothing to do with Nazis or antifascist protesters. It is part of a street art series by artist Rallitox (who also posted a video of the scene’s “construction” on his Instagram account). The piece can be glimpsed in the following compilation of RallitoX’s “Human Stickers” series:

Street art experimenter Rallitox treads the fine lines of art and sociology and behavioral studies – often provoking passersby into participating in his works even passively – like staging a crime scene with a grocery store chicken and some ketchup on a sidewalk, or inviting people to walk across the backs of 8 people lying on their stomachs as a free opportunity to walk on immigrants. If it doesn’t delve into sensationalism, this kind of work has the power to focus the view on your role as participant only by virtue of inhabiting a public space.Static images here give part of the story, but nothing compares to the smallest movements of a head or a hand when you walk by, suddenly realizing this inanimate “sticker” is neither a sticker nor inanimate. “Im so interested in using people as an artistic tool to express what I feel, “ he tells us, “Especially when I get to create confusion and to break mental patterns.”

“Fifth Avenue Antifa” appears to be a spoof account that frequently shares messages mocking the antifascist movement.

Sources:   “Human stickers 2015/2016 compilation.”    Retrieved 2 May 2017.