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Russian TV Network Shows Video Of Navalny Attack With Assailant’s Face Blurred

The only reason to blur the Navalny assailant’s face is to protect the guilty. 

This leads one to believe the Russian government is behind the attack and the television station is complicit in the coverup.

Russian corruption. Thank goodness for open source means to identify the criminal. 

The Russian police have shown no interest in identifying and apprehending the man whose attack on April 27 may have left Navalny blind in one eye.  Bloggers and journalists have proven much more active.  There is video footage here of the suspected assailant shortly before the attack, and Yevgeny Bryzgalin examined the REN-TV video footage showing the attack and the assailant fleeing.  The TV station, which has often produced anti-opposition programs, chose to blur the attacker’s face, however there are varying degrees of concealment.  In general, the man’s build and specific items of clothing suggest it is Petrunko, and certainly Navalny himself seems in no doubt. Hurling green ink is common in Russia, but in this case the doctors believe that the ink must have been laced with some more corrosive chemical substance.  Navalny accuses the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin’s administration of being behind the attack.  Yes, others carried it out, but those others are always provided with suspiciously detailed information about his movements. 

Petrunko is a known activist of the pro-Kremlin SERB movement.  Another SERB activist Alexei Kulakov was also identified.  He first denied being there when asked by Novaya Gazeta, but then admitted to his presence, but claimed to not know the man who had thrown the toxic substance.

Petrunko in Kharkiv screenshot

Alexander Petrunko appears to be the person who attacked Navalny.  

It also appears Petrunko was born in Ukraine but became a Russian citizen, having voted in Russia.  He was also active in the attempted takeoever in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Petrunko appears to be completely expendable to Russia. 

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A Russian television network has published a video of the attack on opposition leader Aleksei Navalny in which the face of the assailant is blurred, drawing fire from the activist who says his vision may be permanently damaged after the incident.

The video showing an unidentified man splashing a green antiseptic, known as “zelyonka,” on Navalny’s face first appeared on the website of Russia’s REN-TV network on April 28, one day after the attack.

But it only gained wider attention after the anticorruption crusader tweeted about it two days later.

Navalny suggested that the video was leaked to the Kremlin-friendly private broadcaster by authorities and accused Russia’s Federal Security Service of involvement.

“They have no shame,” Navalny wrote in the April 30 tweet.

In a separate post about the video on his website, Navalny wrote bitingly about the likelihood that investigators would use the video to track down the assailant.

“How nice. What do you think? Will they come to Ren-TV tomorrow to seize the video and establish how it was filmed and why the Ren-TV guys blurred out the attacker’s face? Of course not,” he wrote.

It was not immediately clear if the footage had also been broadcast by Ren-TV.

Earlier, on April 30, Navalny said his eye may be permanently damaged due to a chemical burn he suffered to his cornea and pupil in the April 27 attack.

He said that his doctor believes the green liquid contained another substance that may have caused the the burn.

Navalny added that he continues to apply eye drops every 15 minutes, and is receiving injections as well.

“We’re fighting to ensure that the vision in the eye remains clear,” Navalny said. “If it doesn’t work out (and that’s a possibility, alas), then Russia will have a president with a stylish white eye.”

Kremlin critics are frequently targeted in guerrilla zelyonka attacks. Typically, however, these assaults do not cause permanent injuries.

Navalny on April 30 accused security services of providing information about his movements to those who have carried out attacks against him.

“I have no doubt — and my confidence is based on facts — that the presidential administration organized this attack,” Navalny wrote.

The Kremlin has previously denied accusations by Navalny and his supporters that it is involved in efforts aimed at discrediting or intimidating him.

Navalny also made light of the incident on April 30 post, publishing a photoshopped image of himself as actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one-eyed cyborg character in the Terminator franchise of science fiction films.

“I always said that Terminator 2 is my favorite film, so it’s all my fault,” he wrote.



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