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Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia

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The first report:

Obviously, Turkey is trying to take a page out of the Russian playbook.  Soon they will discover how the world really works.

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This suggests Erdogan is very afraid – even Putin gave up on trying to block Wikipedia. A very foolish play which shows no understanding of how the modern world works.

After Wikipedia ban, Turkey blocks dating shows, fires officials | Inquirer News

The capital Ankara was willing to lift the ban if the website complied with its demands to remove “offending content.”

Wikipedia blocked across Turkey – LOCAL

Turkey on April 29 blocked all access inside the country to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the communications agency said

Turkey: Wikipedia blocked for disregarding the law

Online encyclopedia is accused of being part of smear campaign against Turkey

Turkey blocks Wikipedia over what it calls terror ‘smear campaign’ – CNN.com

Turkey has blocked access to Wikipedia over linking the nation to terror activity, the government saidSaturday, according to state-run Anadolu Agency.

Turkey just banned Wikipedia, labeling it a ‘national security threat’ – The Washington Post

It’s the latest of the country’s crackdowns on free speech and expression.

Turkey Blocks Wikipedia With No Explanation – The Daily Beast

Amid criticism of the president’s controversial April 16 referendum.

Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia | Reuters

Turkey has blocked online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the telecommunications watchdog said on Saturday, citing a law allowing it to ban access to websites deemed obscene or a threat to national security.

Turkish authorities block Wikipedia without giving reason – BBC News

The online encyclopedia is inaccessible under an official order, but no reason for this is given.