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Russia / Strategy Media Update 29 April 2017

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Russians howling over RAND report (an opinion survey) asking the many times previously asked question of how to “neutralize” the Russian 400 km range S-400 SAM batteries in Kaliningrad. Russia now disabling all public Internet access into rural areas. Trucker strike continues to expand. Opposition harassment ramps up. Russian military recruiting problems and PMCs again. Articles on defense and space industry meltdown, and problems developing LO for PAK-FA and PAK-DA (all predicted). Online prostitution booking websites and porn booming in Russia due to loopholes in legislation. In Belarus, Belsat OpEd questioning how Russia would fund the occupation of a resisting Belarus, and how the Belarusian military might be a Russian fifth column.

Facebook and Russian media repression dominating IO media. Multiple Russia reports that fall under choke on coffee warnings – some are simply grotesque.

In Ukraine, Donbass fires ramp up, possibly as another “humanitarian convoy” arrived about a week ago. Lukashenko assures Ukraine Belarus will never be used to stage for a Russian invasion as if he had control over the matter. Ukraine to initiate radio-frequency jamming of Russian propaganda broadcasts from occupied Donbass, and beam Ukrainian TV and radio into Donbass. Ukraine to publicize EPWs who prefer to remain in Ukrainian prisons, rather than be returned to Donbass. Major debate in Ukraine erupts over the option of ditching Cyrillic script for Latin script, with good and bad arguments on both sides. Excellent UATV documentary on the Motherland statue in Kiev.

Syrian debate mostly about Israel’s potential involvement fighting Iran/Hizbollah. Syria requests latest Russian IADS systems to defend itself, but unstated whether this is to be S-400 or S-300VM. Turks claim Russian shut down its S-400 battery before the US TLAMs arrived. Some bizarre Russian propaganda.

Psychiatrist Prof Keith Ablow, who has studied various psychopathic criminals, explores the inner pathologies of Kim Jong Un, who in Ablow’s assessment is displaying similar internal dysfunctions to Hitler, and full of repressed adolescent rage. This is consistent with an individual who has murdered his family members, including a sibling, and many members of his entourage for often trivial offenses against the greatness of the leader. While Kim may be capable of if not competent at rational thinking, he is consumed with anger and devoid of empathy for his victims, and clearly paranoid about plots to depose him, likely with good cause. Hitler’s famous infantile rage in his last day’s applies: “Everyone has lied to me, everyone has deceived me, non[sic] one has told me the truth. The armed forces have lied to me and now the SS has left me in the lurch. The German people has not fought heroically. It deserves to perish. It is not I who have lost the war, but the German people.”[1]. While Kim’s primary stated agenda may be regime survival or enhancement, there is a real risk that his internal pathologies are interfering with his ability to rationally assess the agendas of other players, be in China, the US or the ROK and Japan. After murdering family and entourage members repeatedly, it is unlikely anybody in the DPRK will tell Kim anything Kim does not wish to hear, like the realities of both the combat readiness and combat effectiveness of his forces, or opposing capabilities to defeat the DPRK, whether these are US, ROK, Japanese or PLA. Hitler was quite happy to wholly and wastefully expend the manpower of his elite Waffen SS and deplete the German “Aryan” gene pool simply to make a political point about Nazi superiority and fearlessness in the face of death. So rationality on the part of Kim will be tricky to accurately assess, given how much of his interaction with people around him and other nations is bound up in his inner emotional turmoil, and paranoid fears of betrayal.

Most remaining DPRK reports revolve around China’s dithering and Russia’s obstructionism in the UNSC. DPRK conduct another missile test that fails, claimed to be a KN-17 TBM/IRBM.

PACE, Turkey and Russian political agents of influence top European agenda items.

                                               How the Russian lobby works …                                                                                                        …in Europe

On the US domestic Russia debates, Jim Clapper’s comments to Sen Rubio are of interest – there is at least one well-publicized case of a Russian dissident who appears to have had his computer hacked and child porn surreptitiously installed to get him into trouble – the ultimate digital kompromat.

Russia / Russophone Reports

New Report Suggests Russia’s Enclave of Kaliningrad Might Need to be Militarily ‘Neutralized’ | The National Interest Blog

That bullet point recommended the Pentagon take “a clear view of the role that Kaliningrad might play, with its strong antiair defenses; how would NATO neutralize it?” Never mind that the RAND researchers immediately added that “the whole topic of neutralization of Kaliningrad brings up the issue of escalation and the potential Russian response to what Russia would see as strikes on the Russian homeland.” Sputnik News—presumably on the Russian government’s behalf—made clear that Kaliningrad would not be easy to neutralize. A Russian military analyst told the news site that “NATO does have reason to be concerned with Kaliningrad’s air and missile defense capabilities. The region contains three regiments of S-300s, a regiment of S-400s, and a Voronezh-DM radar system, capable of monitoring airspace up to 6,000 kilometers away (i.e. throughout Europe, including the UK). The S-400 can strike targets 400 kilometers away. The region also contains the 7054th air base of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces, and layered air defenses including Buk and Pantsir.”

European Relations with Russia: Threat Perceptions, Responses, and Strategies in the Wake of the Ukrainian Crisis | RAND

This report analyzes how Europeans perceive the Russian threat following the 2014 Ukraine crisis, how European states have responded to Russia’s behavior, and how European officials see the future of Russo-European relations.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Moscow Cuts Rural Russia Off from the Internet | A Baker’s Double Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 80

Citing the need to save money at a time of budgetary stringency, the Russian postal service has closed all public Internet access points in Russian villages, thus cutting off most of the residents of the rural parts of the country from access to the world wide web (

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Striking Truckers, Opposition Parties to Cooperate as Some Regional Officials Start Talks

Paul Goble Staunton, April 28 – As the long-haul truckers’ strike in Russia enters its second month, some of the striking truckers have reached agreements with the KPRF and Just Russia Party to organize join marches on May Day (, and some regional governments have begun to negotiate with the strikers (7× There have been five other major developments involving the strikers over the last 24 hours: · Officials in Tyumen, one of the centers of the job action, ordered a group of drivers to appear in court to answer various charges ( · A Moscow commentator pointed out that the strike has highlighted far larger problems on Russia’s roads than just the Plato system and that the authorities must begin to examine all of these problems rather than using the strike as a blind to avoid doing so ( · In the North Caucasus, more drivers are reportedly arriving at strike stations than have left despite official claims to the contrary ( · Strikers in Daghestan today are staging the demonstration they threatened if officials did not begin talking to them (· Strikers in Volgograd say that they have been able to continue their action because of the concrete support local people have provided them (

Striking Russian truckers, opposition parties to cooperate as some regional officials start talks | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |

As the long-haul truckers’ strike in Russia enters its second month, some of the striking truckers have reached agreements with the KPRF and Just Russia Party to organize join marches on May Day, and some regional governments have begun to negotiate with the strikers. There have been five other major developments involving the strikers over the last 24 hours:

Keep Your Eyes on the Protests in Russia’s Provinces | Foreign Policy

While the world watches Moscow for signs of unrest, hundreds of small-scale protests are heating up in Putin’s heartland.« | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

Russia Cracks Down on Opposition Ahead of Planned Protest

Authorities seek to repress, scare critics as Russia heads toward presidential elections

Alexei Navalny on Putin’s Russia: ‘All autocratic regimes come to an end’ | World news | The Guardian

Vladimir Putin is riding high, expecting a fourth term as president and allegedly influencing elections from the US to France – but Alexei Navalny is determined to stop him

Designation Under Russia’s “Undesirables” Law of Open Russia, the Open Russia Civic Movement, and the Institute of Modern Russia – To Inform is to Influence

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Bureau of Public Affairs Bureau of Public Affairs: Office of Press Relations Press Releases Press Releases: 2017 Press Releases: April 2017 Press Statement Mark C. Toner Deputy Department Spokesperson Washington, DC April 28, 2017 We are deeply troubled by the Russian Government’s decision to designate Open Russia,…

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Like CPSU of Old, Putin’s United Russia Issues Slogans for May Day Parades

Paul Goble Staunton, April 28 – Russians and others of a certain age will recall when one of the most frequently mined sources of information about the intentions of the Kremlin in Soviet times were the slogans that the Communist Party issued in advance of the May Day holiday. Now, Putin’s United Russia Party is doing the same thing – and perhaps the slogans will be put to similar use. Moscow’s independent television channel, Dozhd, says that the central executive committee of United Russia has sent a list of 36 slogans to its regional activists. The network has a copy and says that its contacts in the party have confirmed the list and said it was approved already on April 21 ( It provides the following selection: · “Putin is for the People. He is boldly leading Russia to success!” · “A strong president for a great country!” · “Sanctions Don’t Frighten a United Nation!” · “As long as we are united, we cannot be defeated!” · “Our children: Free. Smart. Patriotic.” · “The May Decrees – What has been said has been done.” · “For the young, work! For the elderly, concern!” · “The people are for a worthy minimum wage!” · “Bad Roads to the Dustbin of History!” · “Let us free teachers from paper slavery!” · “I will go to the Far East for my hectar of land! I will do so before I’m too old!” The network reported that there were no slogans about the government or the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, although it pointed out that there was one devoted to the struggle against corruption — “Praise for the honest; jail for the corrupt!” – which some might conclude applies. One regional party official complained that some of the slogans weren’t specific enough for their audiences, but officials at the central office said that they had compiled the list on the basis of submissions from the regions. All this suggests that many may once again be reading the party slogans like tea leaves about the future.


BY VALENTYN BADRAK, LADA ROSLYCKY, MYKHAILO SAMUS AND VOLODYMYR KOPCHAK ON 4/28/17 AT 12:10 AM This article first appeared on the Atlantic Council site. Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and intensive military operations in Syria have caused a very big problem: a shortage of qualified people to man its occupation forces. This personnel gap, caused…

At a large Perm defense plant, production is halted

The Perm plant named after Dzerzhinsky, where searches and arrests were recently carried out, partially stopped production. The trade union of the enterprise intends to hold a rally, but the police suspected that the workers were forced to go there. On Tuesday, April 25, the trade union committee of ZID filed a request to the mayor’s office to hold a rally on May 5, but the city authorities rejected it because it was late. On Wednesday, April 26, the application will be filed again – this time on May 12. As the chairman of the trade union committee of the plant, Rim Galimzyanov, told URA.RU, law enforcement agencies already addressed him. “I was told that I almost twist my arms around the workers, forcing me to go to the rally. I replied: “Come, look at these employees themselves.” People need stability, production can not work properly in conditions of constant arrest of top managers, “the source said. According to the press-secretary of ZID Konstantin Kakinen, now the production at the plant is partially stopped, but in general the enterprise is functioning. Egor Zavorokhin, executive director of the plant, will tell journalists about the situation on ZID on Wednesday, April 26.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Machine Building Plant. F.E. Dzerzhinsky “

Defense Products The enterprise carries out the state defense order for the production of defense products: fuses and pyrotechnics for modern weapon systems.

Attachment to old equipment | Why did the Defense Ministry need obsolete types of weapons

Recently, the media is discussing the question of why the Ministry of Defense needed obsolete types of weapons and military equipment. For example, it is planned to spend 109.3 billion rubles on the resumption of production of Soviet Il-114 and Il-96-400 aircraft. New submarines are armed with old torpedoes and anti-torpedoes. It’s no secret that this is not a good life. As they say, in the absence of the stamp they write on the simple. Only the simple does not cost less than the stamp. And not only for the Ministry of Defense, but for the defense industry enterprises. For example, this year the Central Research Institute “Dolphin” for the performance of the state defense order instead of profits received a claim from the military department and, by decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court, must pay the customer a penalty of 7,214,419 rubles. 87 cop. Well, who knew at the institute, concluding in September 2013 a contract for the performance of the design work “Shanets-Navy”, that the fraternal, as it was believed at that time, Ukraine would sever military-technical cooperation with Russia, which would take time and Money for import substitution. As follows from the case materials, the problems associated with import substitution, the “Dolphin” began with the second stage and continue to the fifth. The second stage was carried out 30 days late, the third – 667 days, the fourth – for 700 days, and the fifth – was not carried out at all, at the time of filing the claim, the delay was 660 days. It is interesting that all the efforts of the Dolphin, as can be judged by indirect indications, were aimed at providing repair and modernization of the old inertial navigation system Indiga, in which Ukrainian components turned out to be. This is not the only example when new technical solutions are being sought for old equipment. The press service of the Severodvinsk Severodvinsk plant reported that last autumn an average repair of the navigation complex “Shlyuz-4” was performed here, which entered the enterprise … more than 10 years ago. Perhaps, this rarity is now installed on the former strategic missile submarine cruiser (RSKSN), re-equipped under the project 09787 in the carrier of a deep-sea special purpose vehicle. The previous “Gateway” left, as the press service informed, on the 380th order, under which the open submarine is the SSBN “Ekaterinburg”. Unfortunately, it is more convenient and more customary for officials in science to master budgetary money for the repair of old equipment than to understand the intricacies of the proposed projects of new systems of weapons and military equipment.

Thanks to all, you’re fired |

Why Russia did not need the Vostochniy cosmodrome [Collapse of space industry deliveries in Russia].

Russia will not be able to make PAK DA “invisible” | Chinese media: our northern friends are lagging behind in stealth technologies           

Recently, Russian media reported that the contract for the creation of a prototype of a new generation bomber PAK DA was signed. The aircraft will be made according to the “flying wing” scheme with the maximum use of radio absorbing materials – using stealth technology. However, as the website “Military parity” writes on April 21 referring to the Chinese military resource, the new bomber in its unobtrusiveness will be much inferior to the American “invisible bomber” B-2 and even the promising Chinese J 20. According to the Chinese portal, Russia has not been able to achieve real progress in stealth technologies, its military aircraft industry lags behind concealed communications and cognitive radio technologies, as well as in the use of airborne radar (BRL) resources for EW tasks. It is noted that by 1999 the technical and technological level of the Chinese airborne radar was inferior to the Soviet one, but then the PRC gained access to some modern Western technologies that were not available to the USSR and its successor to Russia. For example, to the technologies planar array of radar, advanced methods of signal processing of Doppler radar , etc. This has enabled China since 1980 to actively accumulate technology and create a solid foundation for its own development and production of aircraft radars.

Russia can’t tell the difference between Jehovah’s Witnesses and al-Qaeda – The Washington Post

The Christian denomination is banned, in another setback to basic rights under Mr. Putin.

Russian Government Cracking Down On Jehovah’s Witnesses | Here & Now

Here & Now’s Lisa Mullins speaks with Yaroslav Sivulskiy, a third-generation Jehovah’s Witness and spokesman for the organization in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russians massively go into pornobusiness – Free Press South – News today, 16 April 2017

It turns out that in this sphere it is possible to exist quite legally. Than only the people now do not try to earn. Including prostitution. Although this falls under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and it is possible to obtain a real term for pimping, the people are not afraid of anything. And examples of this – the mass. But for the content of the site, where prostitutes are posting their profiles and photos, and those in the same Sochi as the main resort city – a great many, there will be nothing. I was amazed at how they are allowed to exist by any supervisory agencies. It turns out that this is quite legal business, which qualifies as the provision of advertising services. That is why in our country sites with prostitutes continue to bloom and bring good incomes to their owners. Experts say that the most profitable business on the Internet is just such sites and porn sites. However, the latter may have problems on the basis of copyright, and plagiarism, we also have a separate article. Nevertheless, as connoisseurs, the owners of such a business, have a large income with knowledge of the subtleties of the legalization of the process. In favor of the latter says the reinforced concrete fact about the high degree of query in the search engine of the words “porn”, “sex” and their synonyms. About how to create a porn site and even promote it, you can find whole articles on the Internet and even educational videos, including social networks. Somewhere in detail, somewhere in general terms, it is explained how to introduce a system of payment for services, organize the exchange of links with sites of similar subjects on affiliate programs from Russian porn sites and sites where the “fairies” hang their questionnaires with the list of services provided. Many large porn sites even offer start-ups to novice webmasters of pornography in the form of a training DVD. As a rule, these disks contain the information that allows not to commit expensive and incorrigible errors to beginners: necessary software, ready-made website templates, reference materials for pornography masters, as well as advice to beginners on organizing and running business on the network and content for porn sites.

Russian Hooligans’ Toughest Opponents? Russia’s Police – The New York Times

As their nation prepares to host next year’s World Cup, hard-core fans — in top fighting shape from organized brawls and mixed-martial-arts training — are facing a crackdown.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: A Modest Proposal for What Should Be Done with Lenin and the 549 Other Bolsheviks Interred in Red Square

Paul Goble Staunton, April 29 – Every April since Gorbachev’s time, Russians have discussed what should be done with Lenin’s body now enshrined in the mausoleum on Red Square, Nestor Pilyavsky says. But in focusing on Lenin alone, they forget to ask what should be done with his 549 comrades in arms who are also buried next to the Kremlin wall. The Moscow commentator says that to talk about Lenin but not about the others – who include his successor Joseph Stalin, “the legendary sadist Rosaliya Zemyachka, the terrorist Petr Voykov,” and various other heroes of the revolution, including 422 in mass graves – is “somehow unethical” ( Burying Lenin is one thing but reburying all the others would require enormous time and effort, Pilyavsky says; and destroying the mausoleum would deprive Red Square of its “only stylish building.” It would deprive that location of its status as a tourist attraction and thus impose severe economic consequences on the city. On the basis of such reflections, the commentator makes a proposal which can only be described in Swiftian terms as “modest.” He proposes “not destroying the mausoleum but even increasing its size and have it cover the entire Kremlin with it like a dome.” Having done that, he suggests, it should be the obligatory site for burying all future Russian leaders. “Inside this new Kremlin mausoleum, it would be possible to put their cadavers under glass,” thus allowing them to decompose slowly while providing the kind of spiritual “bindings” that the current regime talks so much about. And taking that step would remind all leaders: you too, this facility would proclaim, will eventually end up here as well.

Would Russia have enough money to occupy Belarus? And would our army fight against Russia?

Russian propagandists who visit Minsk with tours allow themselves public statements that the majority of Belarusian servicemen and law enforcement officers really hope for the unification of Belarus and Russia and dream of serving in the army of this great Russia. Is it so? Unfortunately, some separate observations and facts show that, in case of an aggravation of the situation, a powerful fifth column will appear in Belarus, which will support aggressive actions from outside. The creation of military commissions of the Belarusian National Congress is aimed at strengthening the national component of the Belarusian army, as well as establishing tight control over the processes that are taking place there. Will the result of this work? The authorities show indifference, not realizing that even by their inaction they saw off the branch on which they sit.

Belarussian sausage from beaver is planned to be sold for export

Belarus wants to supply sausage from beaver for export. This was stated by the head of the hunting department of the Ministry of Forestry Sergey Shestakov. “We plan to go out to our diplomatic missions with a proposal to supply sausages from the beaver abroad, it’s not chicken, not pork, which we see everywhere on the shelves, it’s still a limited batch of products,” BelTA quoted Shestakov as saying. At the tasting, which took place at the exhibition “Hunting and Fishing”, presented a trial lot of sausage from beaver meat of two kinds – with the addition of wild duck and venison, as well as shish kebab from the beaver. According to Shestakov, this sausage is not sold yet. “We learned the experience of neighboring countries and made sure that almost no one makes pure sausage from the beaver. The beaver’s meat is rather watery in its structure, so it is desirable to mix it with other species by the recipe. We made a smoked sausage with a shelf life of about two months – this is quite An acceptable period for its implementation, “the official explained. Set up the production of sausages from beavers is planned this year in autumn and winter, because the beaver hunting season starts on September 1. As Shestakov has reported, around 9,000 beavers are caught throughout Belarus. Approximately 30-40% of them will go to sausage. It will cost about 25-30 rubles per 1 kg. 18:42 28/04/2017

IW/IO/Cyber Reports

How Facebook Is Tracking Russian-Led Propaganda – The Atlantic

The social platform says it has a problem with government-run efforts to manipulate public opinion.

Russia eyed after Facebook says it was used by ‘malicious actors’ during US presidential election | Fox News

A report released by Facebook this week does not contradict the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s assertion that Russia attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

How the State of Russian Media Becomes the State of International Media | Foreign Policy

It was a bad week for reports on freedom of the media in Russia. On Wednesday, Reporters Without Borders released its 2017 world press freedom index. Russia came in at 148, after such bastions of independent media as South Sudan and Thailand. On Thursday, a Ukrainian human rights delegation briefed the Helsinki Commission on the case of Oleg Sentsov — a Ukrainian filmmaker imprisoned in a Siberian penal colony for his opposition to the annexation of Crimea — and abuses of Ukrainian journalists and creative professionals more broadly. On Friday, Freedom House unveiled its Freedom of the Press 2017 report. That report gives Russia partial credit for the world’s 13-year low in press freedom. “Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia has been a trailblazer in globalizing state propaganda. It continues to leverage pro-Kremlin reporting around the world,” the report states. The three taken in tandem tell a story — one in which violence against journalists in Russia and the region is connected to violence against journalism around the world. « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

The level of media freedom in the Crimea – on a par with North Korea

Occupied by Russia, the peninsula fell into the top ten countries and territories with the worst rating of media freedom in the world, along with Azerbaijan, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, according to the annual report “Freedom of the Press-2017” Human rights organization Freedom House.

‘Pokemon Go’ Blogger ‘Shocked’ At Russia’s Call For 3 1/2-Year Prison Term

Russian prosecutors have called for a 3 1/2-year prison term for a blogger charged with inciting hatred for playing the game &quot;Pokemon Go&quot; in a church, a sentencing request that the defendan…

“When you see a Russian tank, do not forget to change your [soiled] underpants”: How does Soloviev communicate with a radio listener from the Baltic States

The well-known Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyev responded to the radio listener from the Baltic countries in a boorish air. The tone of the host drew the attention of journalist Alexander Tverskoy in Facebook. “Listen, in short, Denis, you, the main thing, as a Russian tank you’ll see, do not forget to change your panties. And then all these conversations are good, as long as you do not get into the face from those whom you call the “Red Fascists”, “Vladimir Solovyov said on air. Then the propagandist tried to adopt the Baltic accent and advised the listener not to be rude to the superfluous. “And about the international court. What are you leading to Putin’s international court? All your slashed army is in one elevator. That is, you now win a great Russia? Here you are all so scared. You’re here for work, shit, you’ll come. You’re still going to beg, you’re still speaking in Russian, “- added Solovyov. “As Soloviev communicates with a radio listener from the Baltic States. In any normal country this priblatnennogo imperial gnome with the habits of Gopnik would be kicked out of work on the same day, “commented Solovyov’s statements to Alexander Tverskoi.

Katie Couric cornered a Russian official about Chechnya’s anti-gay torture and killing—and watched her squirm — Quartz

Being a mouthpiece for the Russian government isn’t always easy. Maria Zakharova, director of the information and the press at Russia’s ministry of foreign affairs, regularly briefs the international media on major matters of Russian foreign policy, but when asked about the persecution, torture, and killings of gay men in Chechnya, she was apparently clueless as to how to…

New video shows how Syria and Russia spun the chemical attack – To Inform is to Influence

Like MH17, Russia is offering multiple excuses for the Sarin gas attack in Syria.  Russia has yet to accept responsibility for its criminal actions and nobody believes their fabricated stories. </end editorial> Daniel Brown Apr 29, 2017, 3:16 AM A new video produced by the New York Times shows how the version of events put forward by…

Video of the Russian Intelligence Ship Liman (Лиман) Sinking – To Inform is to Influence

Update to the Liman (Лиман) sinking. Good music. Russian Defense Ministry said that all special equipment from the sunken Russian Black Sea Fleet vessel Liman has been evacuated by the crew. © REUTERS/ YORUK ISIK/FILE PHOTO Heavy Fog Probable Cause of Russian Black Sea Fleet Vessel’s Wreck MOSCOW (Sputnik) – All special equipment from the…

Russian Defense Ministry said that all special equipment from the sunken Russian Black Sea Fleet vessel Liman has been evacuated by the crew. © REUTERS/ YORUK ISIK/FILE PHOTO Heavy Fog Probable Cause of Russian Black Sea Fleet Vessel’s Wreck MOSCOW (Sputnik) – All special equipment from the…

Как корабль “Лиман” стал подводной лодкой – YouTube [How the ship “Liman” became a submarine]

Poklonskaya responded to a proposal to send a mission to the Crimea against torture

In the Crimea there is and can not be any horrors, which Western politicians tell. This was stated by the former prosecutor of the republic, now State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya on her Facebook page, commenting on the proposal of Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland to send a “mission against torture” to the Crimea. Poklonskaya recalled that a year ago the delegation of the Council of Europe headed by Special Representative of the Secretary General Gerard Studdman had already visited the Crimea. “During the visit to the Crimean prosecutor’s office, members of the delegation spoke in detail about what actually happened on the peninsula in February-March 2014. About how Crimeans, despite the efforts of radicals, without a single drop of blood could make an informed choice and return to Russia, “the deputy noted. At the same time, Studman and his colleagues, he said, were “very pleased” with what they were shown – repair of schools, the opportunity to study in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar, teacher training, and investment. “The Council of Europe, of course, is aware of the real situation in the Crimea. The fact that the peninsula is developing dynamically, of course, there is no discrimination on the national or other grounds. I think there are very few people who believe in horror stories about Crimea in the world. It’s time for Western politicians to stop all speculation on this score, “Poklonskaya stressed. Earlier, Jagland stated that he was receiving “disturbing reports about the situation in prisons in the Crimea”. “Therefore, I proceed from the fact that we must strongly insist on sending the mission of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture to the Crimea,” he said. The accused, in particular, complained about the accused in the case of the preparation of terrorist acts in the Crimea, detained in August 2016, the FSB. They sent the relevant appeals to the law enforcement agencies of Russia in December of the same year.

Edward Snowden Can Stay as Long as He Likes, Says Russia

Foreign ministry spokeswoman said the whistleblower “has his own will” to choose where to live.

A former FBI agent suggested a dramatic new approach to countering Russia — but it carries big risks | Business Insider

The US needs to change how it hires hackers and…

Ukraine Reports

Lukashenko assures Russian-Belarussian military exercise West-2017 not to turn into invasion of Ukraine

Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko assured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the large-scale Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises West-2017 near the Ukrainian border would not turn into a military invasion, Poroshenko said Friday while visiting the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, an UNIAN correspondent reports. News 28 April from UNIAN.

Why Is Putin Swallowing the Spiraling Costs of His Disastrous Ukraine Adventure?

Putin fears that democracy in Ukraine will spread to Russia. And end his reign.

US Paramedic Killed in Eastern Ukraine ‘Not an Accident’: OSCE’s Alexander Hug – YouTube_

Follow UATV English: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Medium: ht…

Ukraine Charges Russian Arrest Warrant For Yatsenyuk ‘Politically Motivated’

Ukraine charged on April 28 that Russia’s effort to have international authorities arrest and extradite former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is &quot;politically motivated.&quot; …

Russia seeks arrest of former Ukraine prime minister | Fox News

Russia has sent a request to the international police agency Interpol for the arrest and extradition of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, claiming he killed Russian soldiers in Chechnya in the 1990s.

Tillerson calls Ukraine a reliable partner at UN Security Council – 29.04.2017 11:35 — Ukrinform News

29.04.2017 11:35. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called Ukraine a reliable partner of the United States at the UN Security Council.He expressed such an assessment during the meeting with Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko on Friday, Ukrinform learnt from the press service of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations. “Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko had a brief conversation with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who stressed that Ukraine is a reliable partner of the United States at the UN Security Council,” spokesman for the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations Oleh Nikolenko said. “In turn, Volodymyr Yelchenko thanked Rex Tillerson for the continued solidarity of the United States with Ukraine, primarily at the UN Security Council,” Nikolenko added.

Advanced domestic developments allow broadcasting Ukrainian radio and television far beyond demarcation line, – Turchynov

28.04.17 20:16 – People leaving in the occupied areas of the Donbas will be able to listen to Ukrainian radio and watch Ukrainian TV. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov told journalists during his visit to the training center of KORD police special operations force (Vita-Poshtova village in the Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district of the Kyiv region). According to him, the domestically developed information security systems are “capable to efficiently jam broadcasting of the anti-Ukrainian television and radio, selectively blocking both analog and digital channels spreading separatist and pro-Russian propaganda. They will also not be interfering with the operation of Ukrainian TV and radio,” Censor.NET reports citing the press office of the NSDC. Turchynov notes that first this technology, which is “much cheaper than foreign counterparts”, will be applied along the demarcation line, and after that it will be used all along the Ukrainian-Russian border. The NSDC secretary expressed conviction that “soon residents of the occupied territories who live 30-50 km away from the demarcation line will be able to listen to the Ukrainian radio and watch Ukrainian TV channels.” Earlier, the leadership of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection said it developed a detailed information security project, “which will allow to block anti-Ukrainian television and radio along the demarcation line in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone.” Given the urgent nature of this task, the NSDC secretary proposed Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman to allocate facilities necessary for implementation of this project from the government reserve fund.

Ukraine Overcomes Russian Jamming of Radio and Television in Donbass and Crimea – To Inform is to Influence

Ukraine is not hinting on how they intend to do this, but it will be clever, whatever it is. Ukraine intends to jam all Russian TV and radio channels emanating from the occupied areas (Donbass and Crimea) and will broadcast Ukrainian TV channels into the occupied areas. Turchynov is a straight shooter so if he says…

Ukraine readies project to jam separatist broadcasting

Ukraine plans to jam the airwaves transmitting broadcasts in support of Moscow-backed separatists in the eastern Donbass region, a top Ukrainian …

Ukraine gets ready to block broadcasting by pro-separatist media — The Calvert Journal

Ukraine’s government plans to jam the airwaves in order to prevent broadcasting by pro-separatist media

Ukraine reports 70 enemy attacks, 2 KIAs, 6 WIAs in last day

Russia’s hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 70 times in the past 24 hours, with two Ukrainian&nbsp;soldiers&nbsp;reported as killed in action (KIA) and six as wounded in action (WIA), according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters. News 29 April from UNIAN.

Russian militants committed 31 attacks on Ukrainian troops’ positions over day, used mortars, IFV’s, APC’s, – ATO HQ

28.04.17 21:53 – Russian militants committed 31 attacks on Ukrainian troops’ positions over day, used mortars, IFV’s, APC’s, – ATO HQ The Russian occupation troops attacked the strongpoints of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 31 times today. View news.Ukrainian Military Stages Drills on Combat Readiness – YouTube_ Follow UATV English: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Medium: ht…

Sumy region’s administration donates two ambulances to 61st Brigade. PHOTOS

28.04.17 22:37 – Sumy region’s administration donates two ambulances to 61st Brigade. PHOTOS The Sumy Regional State Administration handed over two medical vehicles including an ambulance and a medical evacuation truck to the Servicemen of the 61st Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. View photo news.

European journalists visit Tactical Aviation Brigade of Air Command “Center” | Міністерство оборони України

Air Command “Center” tactical aviation brigade in Myrgorod hosted some 30 students of European Association of Aerospace University publication «EUROAVIA NEWS» who observed flights of Ukrainian Su-27 fighters. The increased interest of European media to the Air Force of Ukraine has been simmering since last year’s triumphant return of Ukraine to international airshows. The journalists were especially impressed by the professionalism of one of the Ukrainian top pilots Colonel Olexandr Oksanchenko. “We are very impressed with the flights of Ukrainian pilots. A military pilot Olexandr Oksanchenko is unmatched, while aerobatics in his performance is a true miracle. Last summer, many of my colleagues came to airshows just to see his performance. We are happy to personally get acquainted with the Ukrainian ace and experience the hospitality of Ukrainians”, one of the European journalists shared.

Ukraine to show prisoners unwilling to return to occupied Donbas under swap program, – SBU

29.04.17 00:06 – Ukraine to show prisoners unwilling to return to occupied Donbas under swap program, – SBU In the presence of human rights defenders and international observers in Minsk, the Ukrainian negotiators intend to show persons charged with grave crimes against Ukraine who refuse to be taken to the separatist-held territory. View news.

A Political Prisoner’s Family Describes Life After The Show Trial

Lutsenko: Confiscated $1.5 bln of Yanukovych team’s funds transferred to Ukraine’s budget (update) | KyivPost

State bank JSC Oschadbank has completed the confiscation of $1.5 billion of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko has said. “The transfer of $1.5 billion confiscated by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine from the criminal group has been completed. Good workers of Oschadbank executed the operations through computers,” Lutsenko wrote on his Facebook page. According to him, if cash currency notes of $100 were used in this operation, this amount would weigh 15 tonnes, as an “African elephant with a cub.”

Ukraine may now seek return of Yanukovych’s funds from Latvia, – PGO

28.04.17 17:45 – Ukraine may now seek return of Yanukovych’s funds from Latvia, – PGO Ukraine can now address the Latvian authorities with a request to return 50 million euros seized from the accounts of Yanukovych-era officials under an international convention. View news.

Taking a Tour of the Mother Motherland Statue in Kyiv – YouTube

As Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv draws near, we, at UATV, decided to take our international views on a tour around the Ukrainian capital. Today we’ll give you a to…

Ukraine gears up for Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv | Euronews

Ukraine is gearing up for the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Kyiv next month (May 13).

Media reports Libyan navy seize Ukrainian tanker suspected of smuggling oil | KyivPost

The Libyan navy seized two vessels, one of which is reportedly Ukrainian, on suspicion of smuggling oil on Friday, a Ukrainian television news service reported. “The Libyan navy seized two ships suspected of smuggling oil from this North African country,” the Ukrainian TV news service TSN website reported on Saturday citing Libya’s Navy spokesman Ayoub Qassem. According to him, the exchange of fire continued for several hours before the vessels were seized. “The clashes lasted for three hours, but the two tankers were successfully seized,” Qassem said.

Would shift to Latin script liberate Ukrainian or destroy it? | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |

Even though Ukrainian has a stronger historical claim to the Cyrillic alphabet than does Russian and even though it captures Ukrainian sound values quite well, some Ukrainians want to make the shift away from Cyrillic to a Latin script in order to underscore the independence from Moscow and desire to integrate with the West. Not surprisingly, many Russians and Russian speakers are horrified, viewing this as yet another Western plot to peel off part of “the Russian world.” Some of them are predicting disasters ahead, including the demise of an independent Ukrainian language if Kyiv were to decide to shift to Latin. But trapped in their own historical mythology about Ukrainian being an offshoot of Russian rather than a language that developed in parallel with it, some of these opponents are advancing arguments which lead to exactly the opposite conclusion than the one they want Ukrainians to make. Talk about shifting Ukrainian from Cyrillic to the Latin script, of course, has long been a feature of Ukrainian life. But this year, support for that idea appears to have grown as other post-Soviet states like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have made the decision to make this transition.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Would Shift to Latin Script Liberate Ukrainian or Destroy It?

Paul Goble Staunton, April 28 – Even though Ukrainian has a stronger historical claim to the Cyrillic alphabet than does Russian and even though it captures Ukrainian sound values quite well, some Ukrainians want to make the shift away from Cyrillic to a Latin script in order to underscore the independence from Moscow and desire to integrate with the West. Not surprisingly, many Russians and Russian speakers are horrified, viewing this as yet another Western plot to peel off part of “the Russian world.” Some of them are predicting disasters ahead, including the demise of an independent Ukrainian language if Kyiv were to decide to shift to Latin. But trapped in their own historical mythology about Ukrainian being an offshoot of Russian rather than a language that developed in parallel with it, some of these opponents are advancing arguments which lead to exactly the opposite conclusion than the one they want Ukrainians to make. Talk about shifting Ukrainian from Cyrillic to the Latin script, of course, has long been a feature of Ukrainian life. But this year, support for that idea appears to have grown as other post-Soviet states like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have made the decision to make this transition. In January, Kyiv journalist Stanislav Rechinsky argued for the shift in order to break with Russia and bring Ukraine closer to Europe and the West. “The further from the Russian Federation we can become, the better,” he said ( Now, Na Chasi issued a manifesto calling for that change (; for a Russian summary, see The manifesto publishes a proposed alphabet and calls on journalists, writers and others to join the initiative. It argues that such a shift will make it easier for Ukrainians to learn English and Western languages and redirect their attention away from Russia. Reaction from ethnic Russians and Russian speakers has not been long in coming. Most repeat the arguments that others have made against Latinization projects elsewhere in the former Soviet space ( and But because Ukrainian has historically developed using the Cyrillic alphabet, Russian arguments against a shift to Latin script have added two points. Both are problematic, and the second is likely to lead Ukrainians to take exactly the opposite action that Moscow and these Russians would like. On the one hand, Russian opponents of the introduction of the Latin script for Ukrainian will separate Ukrainian away from Russian, undermine Ukrainian as an independent language, and lead to “the accelerated Russification” of Ukraine ( That argument is based on the mistaken belief, widespread among Russians and Western specialists on the former Soviet space that Ukrainian like Belarusian is a byproduct of Russian historical development and thus severing its ties with Russian would lead it to wither and ultimately die out. That is nonsense: Again like Belarusian, Ukrainian developed as a separate language from Russian but was constrained in that regard because it lacked statehood to promote that language via schools and media and because most of these institutions were dominated by the Russian language just as Ukraine and Belarus were dominated by Russia. And on the other hand, Russian opponents are putting forward an argument which any close examination shows will blow up in his face. A half a millennium ago, this argument runs, Poles and Russians spoke much the same language and didn’t need translators to understand one another. But then Poland introduced the Latin script and as a result grew away from the Russian world, the opponents say, not appearing to recognize that many Ukrainians would not object to being as independent from Moscow as Poland now is. Indeed, at least some of them will see this Russian objection as the best argument for Latinization on offer.

Russia / Iran / Syria / Iraq / OEF Reports

Russia Risks a Showdown With Israel over Hezbollah in Syria

The Israelis will not allow Shiite militia to get weapons they could use against Tel Aviv.

Israeli Airstrikes Turn Syria Into a Proxy War With Iran |

Syria’s military said Israel struck a military installation before dawn Thursday, raising tensions further between the two neighbors.

Did Moscow Green-Light an Israeli Attack in Syria?

The Kremlin may be backing Bashar al-Assad and publicly denouncing Israel’s strike on Damascus’ airport Thursday, but the two sides are ‘tightly’ coordinating behind the scenes.

‘Russia shut its air defense in Syria before US strike’

There is no such thing as Russian air defense systems can’t intercept American missiles, says Turkish arms executive – Anadolu Agency. ANTALYA, Turkey A Turkish arms industry executive claimed Saturday that Russia had shut down its air defense system in Syria ahead of the U.S. strike on an Assad regime airbase early Friday. “There is no such thing as Russian air defense systems can’t intercept American missiles,” Abdullah Hayri Torun, deputy CEO of major Turkish weapons maker Roketsan, stated at a meeting in the Mediterranean province of Antalya. Torun said an air defense system can detect missile fire from 400 kilometers away and then destroy the missiles when they get into range. On Friday, the U.S. fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at Shayrat Airbase from destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea in response to Tuesday’s Assad regime chemical attack in the Khan Shaykhun town of Idlib province that left some 100 men, women, and children dead and more than 500 injured.

Syria to buy latest Russian air defense system: Assad

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:05 P.M.) – The Syrian government is in the process of purchasing the latest Russian air defense system, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Syria to buy latest Russian anti-missile system – Israel National News

Assad says purchase of system is meant to repel Israeli and American attacks in Syria.

Patriot missile fired at drone entering Israeli airspace from Syria – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

The missile reportedly intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle that penetrated into Israeli airspace from Syria.

“Victory over terrorism”: Russian propagandists plan holding St. George ribbon rallies in Syrian cities they recently bombed. PHOTOS

28.04.17 17:43 – Victory over terrorism: Russian propagandists plan holding St. George ribbon rallies in Syrian cities they recently bombed. PHOTOS The Russian invaders plan to hold St. George’s ribbon rallies in the cities of Aleppo and Latakia in the coming days. View photo news.

Russia’s Lavrov Says Ready to Cooperate With U.S. on Syria: Agencies | World News | US News

US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health, and education.

The Latest: Russia criticizes French report on Syria attack – The Washington Post

The Latest on Syria (all times local):

We’re America’s best friend in Syria. Turkey bombed us anyway. – The Washington Post

The United States should maintain its support for Syria’s Kurds — whether Ankara likes it or not.

‘Sergey Ponomarev: A lens on Syria’ –

Sergey Ponomarev is a Russian photojournalist who documented life in Syria’s government controlled zones in 2013 and 2014. His images are now on display in an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.

DPRK / PRC Reports

Keith Ablow | North Korea: Inside the mind of Kim Jong Un | Fox News

I think there’s a reason why not much is known about North Korea’s leader.

Homeland Security secretary: Kim Jong Un ‘knows what he’s doing’ –

Shortly after news broke of another North Korean missile test, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, “seems like someone who knows what he’s doing.”

Trump Challenges North Korea in High-Stakes Game of Risk – WSJ

Trading on its perceived higher tolerance for conflict and loss of life, North Korea for decades has used the prospect of war to gain leverage in negotiations—but this time Donald Trump seems willing to respond with brinkmanship of his own.

Trump on North Korea: Tactic? ‘Madman Theory’? Or Just Mixed Messages? – The New York Times

The White House has been sending different signals to Kim Jong-un, a master at keeping his adversaries unsettled.

N.Korean missile test fails for fourth straight time – Nation | The Star Online

SEOUL: North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Saturday, the South Korean and U.S. militaries said, defying warnings from the United States and the reclusive state’s main ally, China, which have tried for years to rein in its arms programmes.

North Korea displays military prowess with failed missile launch | Fox News

North Korea’s failed attempt to launch a mid-range ballistic missile Friday evening came just hours after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson convened a session of the United Nations Security council calling for member states to increase sanctions on Pyongyang.

A New North Korean Missile Test Ends in Failure – The New York Times

It was the North’s first test since it launched a ballistic missile near its submarine base on North Korea’s east coast on April 16. That launch was also a failure.

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure | Reuters

min Park

Pyongyang has ‘disrespected’ China with latest missile test, says Donald Trump | World news | The Guardian

North Korea disrespected the wishes of China & its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!
9:26 AM – 29 Apr 2017

U.S. Push for Tougher North Korea Approach Faces Resistance – WSJ

The Trump administration tried to unify world leaders behind a tougher approach toward North Korea, but risked finding itself more isolated amid stiff resistance from China and Russia. North Korea itself punctuated the debate later in the day by firing a ballistic missile.

North Korea at UN: Tillerson says US military action on table –

The Trump administration is willing to engage in talks with North Korea, even as President Donald Trump warned about the possibility of armed conflict with the nuclear-armed regime.

U.S. wants more U.N. sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear arms, warns time is short – The Washington Post

Tillerson told diplomats the United States would hold direct talks with North Korea under strict conditions.

U.S. says failure to act on North Korea could be catastrophic | Reuters

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned on Friday that failure to curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile abilities could lead to ‘catastrophic consequences,’ while China and Russia cautioned Washington against threatening military force to solve the problem.

China won’t confirm sanctions on North Korea, as US claims | New York Post

BEIJING — China’s foreign ministry on Friday refused to confirm or deny US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s assertion that Beijing has threatened to impose unilateral sanctions on North Korea if it conducts further nuclear tests. Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang reiterated China’s support for UN sanctions on the North but repeatedly avoided giving a direct answer when asked at a daily press briefing about what other plans China might be considering. “As for what kind of actions China will take if North Korea conducts another nuclear test, it is a hypothetical question and there is much speculation about that, so I have no comment on it,” Geng said. “China firmly opposes any actions that violate the United Nations Security Council resolutions. This position is quite clear,” he said. Geng also emphasized that China had played an active role in seeking a resolution to the crisis. “For a long time China has played an important and constructive role on the North Korean issue and made many contributions,” he said. “I can say in terms of solving the North Korean crisis, China’s efforts can’t be overstated.” China wants North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program but has opposed unilateral sanctions imposed without a UN mandate. Beijing has come under growing US pressure to use its leverage as North Korea’s largest trading partner and main source of food and fuel aid to compel Pyongyang to heed UN resolutions. Tillerson said Thursday that Washington knew China was in communication with the regime in Pyongyang. “They confirmed to us that they had requested the regime conduct no further nuclear test,” he said on Fox News Channel. Tillerson said China also told the US that it had informed North Korea “that if they did conduct further nuclear tests, China would be taking sanctions actions on their own.” Earlier Thursday, the senior US Navy officer overseeing military operations in the Pacific <a href=“”>said the crisis with North Korea is at the worst point he’s ever seen</a>, but he declined to compare the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Kasich: Trump should ‘eradicate’ North Korean leadership – The Washington Post

I believe the best way to solve this problem is to eradicate the leadership,” the Ohio governor said. “I’m talking about those who are closest to making the decisions that North Korea’s following now.”

John Kasich raises ‘taking out’ top North Korean leaders –

The 2016 presidential candidate’s views, shared Friday at a Monitor breakfast, come amid an escalation of rhetoric vis-a-vis North Korea, both from the Trump administration and Republican congressmen.

In Korea, no pre-emptive strike: Our view

As 2nd straight North ballistic missile test fails, ‘strategic patience’ shouldn’t be replaced with impulsive impatience.

The Latest: Japanese fighter jets join US carrier in drills

Japan’s defense ministry says two Japanese F-15 fighter jets have participated in the ongoing joint exercise between the USS Carl Vinson strike group and two Japanese destroyers.

In interview Trump says ‘major conflict’ with North Korea is possible – POLITICO

We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,&quot; President Donald Trump said.

North Korea’s army: 1.2M men, obsolete equipment and nukes | Fox News

North Korea’s military may be armed with obsolete conventional weapons, but at 1.2 million men, it poses a very real threat to its neighbor and nemesis to the south.

How North Korea gets its oil from China: lifeline in question at U.N. meeting | Reuters

As the United Nations Security Council decides whether to tighten the sanctions screws on North Korea, the country’s increasingly isolated government could lose a lifeline provided by state-owned China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC).

We went to North Korea. You asked hundreds of questions. Here’s what we found – LA Times

The Times responds to reader queries about life in North Korea.

Otto Warmbier: Release Unclear for North Korea U.S. Captive |

Otto Warmbier has been a prisoner of North Korea since Jan. 2, 2016. Has America forgotten him?

In South Korea, mystification over Trump’s defense and trade comments – The Washington Post

The president suddenly said South Korea would have to pay for a missile defense system.

dafeng cao on Twitter: “FC-31 2.0 conducted flight test yesterday & today”

Foreign Policy Reports

Co-rapporteur on Ukraine joined PACE President Agramunt on Syria trip with Russians: Ukrainian delegate

Two&nbsp;high ranking&nbsp;officials of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) appear to have flown to Syria alongside PACE President Pedro Agramunt, upon the invitation from Russian officials, vice speaker of the Ukrainian parliament and PACE delegate Iryna Gerashchenko told one of Ukraine&rsquo;s talks shows, TSN news service reports. News 28 April from UNIAN.

Podcast: The European Front

Putin’s lobby in Europe. Is it losing its mojo? (Cartoon by Yevhen Oliynyk, RFE/RL) Share See comments Suddenly, it looks like Russia is on a losing streak in Europe. Suddenly, it looks like the populist wave that Moscow was cheering on may just be receding. Suddenly, from Austria to the Netherlands to France, centrist pro-European forces appear back on their feet. On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, we take a look at Moscow’s attempts to influence the French election and why they appear to have failed. We’ll also examine the broader backlash in Europe against Russian political interference. Joining me is Cécile Vaissié, a professor of Russian and Soviet studies at the University of Rennes 2 and author of the book The Kremlin’s Networks In France; and Marcel Van Herpen, director of the Cicero Foundation and author of the book Putin’s Propaganda Machine: Soft Power And Russian Foreign Policy. Enjoy …

Macedonian Nationalists Storm Parliament and Injure 70 – YouTube

Protesters broke into the Macedonian parliament on Thursday, injuring several officials.The violence was strongly condemned by the US Embassy stationed in th…

Russia blames the U.S. after protesters storm Macedonia’s parliament – The Washington Post

Russia may be trying to reframe the debate in its favor.

Germany says reviving G-8 with Russia ‘not up for debate’ | Fox Business

The German government says there are no plans to invite Russia to return to the club of leading industrialized nations.

Merkel tells Erdogan death penalty not compatible with EU membership | Reuters

Turkey cannot join the European Union if it reinstates the death penalty, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in a telephone call on Monday, a German spokeswoman said.

US Domestic Policy Reports

Lawmakers wary of Russia’s ability to plant dirt, fake evidence

WASHINGTON — In a brief and largely overlooked exchange between Sen. Marco Rubio and America’s top spy during a January hearing about Russia’s alleged election meddling, the Florida Republican sketched out what he fears could be the next front in the hidden wars of cyberspace. Could Russian hackers, Rubio asked then-Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., hypothetically gain access to a U.S. lawmaker’s computer, plant criminal evidence on the device of, say, child pornography or money laundering and then tip off law enforcement? “It is certainly well within both their technical competence and their potential intent to do something like that,” Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee days before stepping down in January. “I think the next trend in the cyber business will be the compromise with the fidelity of information.”

Disclosures show Manafort participated in Ukraine lobbying – POLITICO

The lobbying effort was on behalf of a Brussels-based think tank that supported Ukraine’s Party of Regions.

UK spy documents: Trump Organization paid Russian hackers who took orders from Putin

A Dangerous New Americanism?

Editor’s Note: The below is based on the new ICCT report, Extremist Construction of Identity. “An endless stream of the most undesirable immigrants pours d