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Turkish ships return to base after rescuing crew of the Russian Intelligence Ship Liman (Лиман) Becomes Submarine

Russian intelligence ship Liman

Turkish coastguard and navy ships return to their base after rescuing 78 crew members of a Russian navy intelligence vessel that sank off Turkey’s Black Sea coast.

The wreck of the Liman lies at a working depth for divers and is susceptible to compromise.

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Russian sources:

A Russian navy ship sank after it collided with a Togo-flagged freighter off the Turkish coast on Thursday, shipping agent GAC said.

The Turkish coast guard said that all 78 personnel from the Russian intelligence ship Liman have been rescued.

Liman “sustained a hull breach due to a collision” with the other ship, 40 kms northwest of the Bosphorus Strait, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Open sources report that Liman was a signals intelligence collector attached to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. One report said fog contributed to the collision.

Possible Intelligence Compromise

Secrets of the Motherland

Thus, say observers , the ship was packed with sensitive electronic equipment. On the spot death of the ship water depth of 85-95 meters, which means that foreign specialists will not experience major problems when trying to remove sensitive equipment and documentation.

If “Liman” sank slightly to the north, the Russian electronic intelligence secrets would have gone to a depth of 500-1000 meters, which could be a certain guarantee of the inviolability of naval secrets. Now the ship is at a working depth of a well-trained divers, and even in the busy shipping area, where the Russian military will not be allowed to chase intruders depth charges.

For this reason, commentators have suggested, it is likely that the Russian Defense Ministry will try as quickly as possible to start the operation to raise the “Lehman” and its evacuation to the Russian port.

Cattle vs. spy: become aware of the reasons, “Lyman” death in the Black Sea

Average intelligence ship “Liman” ( (translated from Russian by my chrome browser)

Displacement: 1,560 tons.
Dimensions: length – 73.3 m, width – 11,2 m, draft – 3.9 m.
Full speed 17 knots.
Cruising range: 9700 miles at 11 knots.
Powerplant: 2 diesel 6TD48, 3300 hp, 2 shaft.
The crew of 85 people.

Ship History:
Middle scout ship pr.861

Ships in this series were built in Gdansk, Poland. According to NATO classification – Moma Class. Total for this project during the 1967-73 biennium. 29 vessels have been built. Some of them (9 units) has been transformed into a spaceship on pr.861M, three more units were also converted to BRD (without the project).

The special equipment data ships were: on radar – “Don ‘on underwater acoustics -” Bronze “, etc., by radio intelligence apparatus -” Rotor-H “,” M-Watch, “” Watch-10 “,” Vahta-. 12, “MPP-1-7,” Coil-AK “,” Reticle-M “,” assembly “,” Kira “et al. Vessels of this project were not carrying arms.

Hydrographic vessel “Liman” was built in Poland in g.Gdansk on CVD “sewage Midnight” (factory №861 / 19). Launched on 08.19.1970, it entered into operation 23.12.1970 city became part of the Northern Fleet. In 1974 the ship was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet.

The vessel has committed more than a dozen oceanographic expeditions in the Atlantic and Indian oceans to visit ports in Halifax, St. John’s (Canada), the Shroud (USA), Havana (Cuba), Dakar (Senegal), Aden and Bombay (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Khodeyda (YAR). Besides, dozens of trips to the Mediterranean, calling at the ports of Greece, Syria, Guinea, Spain
and other countries.

In 1989 the ship was converted into a reconnaissance ship.

From 1990 to 2010, “Liman” made 13 long cruises to the Mediterranean with stops in Tartous (Syria) and Bizerte (Tunisia).

In April-May 1999, a reconnaissance ship “Liman” was in the Adriatic Sea in the vicinity of the zone of NATO military operation against Yugoslavia in order to obtain intelligence information.

The ship was part of the 519th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Black Sea Fleet, based at South Bay (Sevastopol).

27/04/2017 of intelligence ship “Liman” in a collision with a ship “Youzarsif H” (IMO: 7611547, under the flag of Togo, in 1977 construction, which went from the Romanian port of Midia with a load of cattle to the Port of Aqaba, Jordan) got a hole right side below the waterline. The incident occurred about 40 kilometers north-west of the Bosporus in heavy fog. The crew began to struggle for survival, the main base of the Black Sea Fleet in the area of the incident emerged rescue SB-739 ships and EPRON rescue fleet service, as the area has taken off duty AN-26 aircraft with rescuers on board. The struggle for survival results are not given, and the crew was forced to abandon ship. Assist in the evacuation of the crew had the Turkish Coast Guard. In the specified area was redirected turned nearby Russian vessel “Ulus Star” (IMO: 9297125, the Russian flag), which went from Astrakhan in Ravenna (Italy), the crew of “estuary” in full force was hoisted on board the said vessel. Scout ship “Lehman” the incident sunk at 14:48 local time at 41.50 ° / 28.95 °.

This ship at different times commanded:
– Captain 3rd rank Bartyshev A .;
– Captain 3rd rank Deacons AS .;
– Captain 3rd rank K. Belyaev