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Russia Runs LPR and DNR in Donbass, Ukraine

This article establishes a connection between Vladislav Surkov, Personal Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Invasion of East Ukraine (I can’t bring myself to call it a hybrid war).  The article at Russia Funds and Manages Conflict in Ukraine, Leaks Show is much of the basis for this claim…  which uses InformNapalm/CyberHunta documents. It establishes a link between Russia and LPR and DNR, two Ukraine territories currently occupied by forces controlled and funded by Russia.

The Western media has absolutely no reason or excuse to call the quasi/pretend military operating in East Ukraine separatists, rebels, independence fighters, or any such nonsense.  Active duty Russian military units also rotate in and out of Donbass, seemingly as a live-fire exercise for training.

Incidentally, Russian propagandists have had a heavy hand using Wikipedia as a propaganda source and needs to be adjusted to reflect reality for instance:

A quick analysis of Russian personnel and equipment operating in Ukraine.


Russian Military units, mercenaries, and volunteers in Donbass are Russian controlled and led, Russian funded, Russian supplied, Russian equipped, and their dead bodies are buried in Russia if they’re not thrown down mine shafts.

Intelligence and Information

Strategic and Operational intelligence to units in Donbass are supplied by Russia.

Tactical intelligence is supplied locally with equipment supplied by Russia. Forpost UAVs are a major source of over-the-hill intelligence, along with Tu-143 “Reys” and Orlan-10.  Reconnaissance patrols, both armored and light, are initiated by local commanders.


Strategic and Operational leadership and guidance come solely from Russia and Russian leadership.


Russia supplies all military equipment to soldiers, mercenaries, and volunteers operating in East Ukraine.

Class VII – Major end items such as launchers, tanks, mobile machine shops, and vehicles.

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