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Russian Fake News In Syria – With A Russian MFA Connection

An official in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted this link – today.

Wow.  Weapons were going to the terrorists in Syria.

…but some of the pictures looked familiar.  I saw these before.  Last year.

Let’s do some Google Images reverse search.

I took this picture which looked the most familiar.  I especially liked that it had a basement wall in the background, which don’t typically occur in Saudi Arabia (where the weapons were supposedly shipping in and through): 

I took the URL for the image: and put it into Google Images and asked to find where else it might be found.

I found a BUNCH of Russian postings from the last 2 or 3 days. Interesting.

Then I found two postings on Bulgarian blogs from last year.

Quite interesting.  As of mid-December 2016, these were pictures of weapons being supplied by the Syrian Army to fight against the insurgents.


Russia is “repurposing” pictures from Bulgarian blogs from December 2016 and saying these weapons are being snuck to the US sponsored insurgents.

Funny how Russia is caught lying again, and this time from a senior Russian MFA official. Igor, it’s not nice to lie.

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