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RT Says Le Pen Is Winning

Yesterday, when everybody else was announcing Macron was winning the French election, RT took another view.

“Le Pen, the leader in the French presidential election after counting half the votes”

The leader of the party “National Front” Marine Le Pen after counting 50.3% of ballots gaining 24,10% of votes at the presidential elections in France. It is reported by the Interior Ministry.

Former French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron receives 22.44% of the vote, former Prime Minister Fransua Fiyon – 19.57%, leader of the “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon – 18.28%.

Earlier, Marine Le Pen commented on its way out in the second round of presidential elections in France.

RT  leads  the online broadcast.

At no time did Le Pen lead.

At no time did Le Pen have 24.10% of the votes. 



2 thoughts on “RT Says Le Pen Is Winning

  1. Agreed. It’s a little trick to give the impression that Le Pen was winning, when she was really not. RT was reporting the actual count and rural votes (where Le Pen did better than Macron) came first because polls closed earlier than in large cities. It was roughly 10:30PM when Macron started pulling ahead in the actual reporting as urban votes were counted. Of course, did not take care to report that the overall projection that showed all along Macron would win.

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