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RT crew arrive at site of OSCE car blast in just three minutes – NGO

The implication of this report is that RT had advance notice of an attack on an OSCE vehicle which resulted in the death of an OSCE member American observer.  This point is not explicitly stated. 

It is also not specifically mentioned that OSCE members from other vehicles kept a detailed description of events as they occurred. They recorded the time of the blast, the time of arrival of the RT crew, and the time of arrival of others.  

It is damning that the RT crew arrived only three minutes after the blast, but this is not evidence of collusion. 

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RT crew arrive at site of OSCE car blast in just three minutes – NGO Head of Information Resistance Group, military analyst and MP Dmytro Tymchuk published on Facebook a chronology of events on Sunday, following an explosion on a mine of an OSCE SMM patrol vehicle near the village of Pryshyb in the militant-controlled area of Luhansk region.

According to Information Resistance, the course of events goes as follows:

11:17 – the blast occurs as the mine goes off;

11:20 – a crew of Russian propaganda TV channel RT arrives at the scene;

11:28 – unidentified plainclothes men arrive at the scene in a khaki-colored Niva 4×4 vehicle. They give instructions to Russian “journalists”;

15:44 – the “LPR police” arrives;

15:48 – a coroner vehicle arrives to remove the body of the OSCE monitor killed in the incident;

Around 16:00 – a towing vehicle arrives to remove from the scene the damaged OSCE vehicle. Read also French elections: Macron’s headquarters denies accreditation to Russian propagandists

OSCE earlier confirmed a loss of the SMM team member who was conducting a patrol near non-government controlled Pryshyb in the Luhansk region yesterday morning. “One of our armored vehicles experienced an explosion, likely a mine, resulting in the tragic death of a paramedic from the United States working with the OSCE SMM. Two more patrol members from Germany and the Czech Republic have been admitted to hospital for medical examination,” the statement said.



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