Information Warfare

Huffington Post – Fake News?

30 minutes ago, a Huffington Post Twitter account sent this out.  I checked every news source possible, there is no corroboration, no confirmation, no evidence, this is evidently Fake News from Huffington Post Politics Twitter account.

BREAKING: US carrier group shoots down two unidentified aircraft off Korean Peninisla.

On 18 April the same account sent this out:

Huffington Post has been fairly reliable, but two fake reports of this magnitude during this time of crisis?

There are no retractions at Huffington Post’s other Twitter accounts, nothing at

The account was unaccountably idle between April 18th and today, after the first massively wrong tweet was sent out.

Was the Huffington Post Political Twitter account hacked?  Where is the statement saying so?

Huffington Post, you need to do damage control – immediately.  Let me know if you need help.