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“Let Slip the Dogs and Cats of War”: How Russia Lost in the Kittycat and Puppydog Media War – Update

Anonymous contribution.  

“Suck on this, Russia!  Meow.”  

The next one was a little too much, however. 

“Meow. Meow, meow, meow, and meow.  Oh, and “Woof, woof””. 

</end editorial>

The propaganda war over who has the cutest kitties continues, and the Ukrainians appear to be winning by a huge margin.

Why a monument to cats should be erected in the ATO Parts #17 – #21

Troops in the photos include Ukrainian Army VDV Airborne, Special Forces, National Guard Azov Regiment, and Right Sector DUK Militia, widely regarded to be some of the toughest troops Ukraine has.

“Battle Cats of UKRAINE – Feline ATO Guard”  Animation (2015): https://www.facebook.com/begemot.media/videos/1421343221218346/


“Attack of the Banderivets-cats against peaceful militants” Animated GIF 16.6 MB (2015) [Parody of Russian L!feNews propaganda]: http://s009.radikal.ru/i310/1412/20/9b1fd2db4dbc.gif

Footer Text:

  1. Unique footage of the attack of the Banderivets-cats against peaceful militants
  2. Punishers with extreme animal cruelty staged a massacre
  3. The State Department provided secret reptiloid technology from Sirius
  4. To create an army of cat-cyborgs for service in the [Ukrainian] National Guard