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How The Kremlin Uses Russia’s Criminal Networks In Europe

How The Kremlin Uses Russia’s Criminal Networks In Europe

By By Mark Galeotti

Everything you wanted to know about Russian mafia in Europe.

Just a couple of highlights to prove that this report is worth reading:

+ “Today, Russian-based organised crime (RBOC) is responsible for around one-third of the heroin on Europe’s streets, a significant amount of non-European people trafficking, as well as most illegal weapons imports.”

+ “What makes Russian-based organised crime a particularly serious and timely challenge is the growing evidence of connections between such criminal networks and the Kremlin’s state security apparatus, notably the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), military intelligence (GRU), and the Federal Security Service (FSB).[3] Organised crime groups have already been used by the Kremlin as instruments of intelligence activity and political influence and are likely to become an even greater problem as Russian’s campaign to undermine Western unity and effectiveness continues.”