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Domestic Protest Coverage: US vs. Russia. Russia Suppressing News.

RFE/RL’s Current Time Illustration

Here is a comparison between domestic protest coverage in the US and Russia.  I have excluded all coverage of protests occurring outside the respective countries.

You will notice NO coverage of Russian protests in English in any of the Russian propaganda outlets, but there is widespread coverage of all kinds of protests in the US, of varying subjects and degrees of violence.

In the Russian language, there is very little coverage, a total of two reports, that mention the word “trucker” in Russian and none in major outlets.

Russia is hiding the truth from Russian citizens. They probably fear that word of the truckers strike acting like a contagion and spreading throughout Russia and developing into a colored revolution.

US Coverage of US Protests

US English language domestic coverage of protests of all types (excluding protests in Venezuela, Brazil, Serbia, India, Macedonia, Slovakia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Hungary)

Russian Coverage of Russian Protests

Russia (excluding protests in Turkey, US)

  • Nothing in English

A quick search in Russian for Дальнобойщики finds this, none of the mainstream media, only local coverage (translated to English)

Verification that Russian Protests Are Occurring

Of note is Current Time, VOA’s new24x7 Russian language website

Also, RFE/RL in English:

Last Week’s Russian Language Coverage Of Trucker’s Strike

This coverage in Russia happened last week, before the cutoff for the above searches.

 US Coverage Of Russian Trucker’s Strike

We know there are ongoing protests in Russia, but notice almost no mainstream coverage.

Russia fears coverage of the truckers strike but Russians are maneuvering around their Informblokadu.