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Challenges and promises of comparative research into post-Soviet fascism

Anton Shekhovtsov (Dr. Umland’s colleague): Fascism, “borderless as our lands, and red as our blood”

I recently wrote to the premier expert on Russian fascism, Dr. Andreas Umland, about the subject of fascism and Russia.  

I frequently hear Russians call others fascist, whereas everything I have seen puts Russia as clearly fascist.

I asked if he had a paper on the topic as I’d be glad to attach it. 

He sent me the attached paper.

Many thanks to Andreas Umland!

Many articles, blogs, papers, and more, about the subject of Russian fascism.

Below is Dr. Umland’s paper, he is the pre-eminent scholar on the subject. 

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Challenges and promises of comparative research into post-Soviet fascism: Methodological and conceptual issues in the study of the contemporary East European extreme right

By Andreas Umland

Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv, Ukraine


The international study of fascism has, over the last 25 years, experienced considerable consolidation. Inspired by influential theoretical publications of Roger D. Griffin and others, a new sub-discipline, “comparative fascist studies,” has emerged that proceeds from a largely common conceptualization of fascism. It explicitly includes and particularly promotes the cross-cultural, as well as inter-epochal investigation into ultra-nationalisms outside Central and Western Europe after the year 1945. The concepts, approaches and hypotheses of this new sub-discipline are well-suited to be applied to the study of interwar and post-Soviet right-wing radicalism in Eastern Europe. However, before comprehensive classification and informative comparison becomes possible, the putative fascist phenomena of Eastern Europe need more thorough descriptive analysis, field research, and empirical investigation by researchers, in the region. © 2015 The Regents of the University of California. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Article history: Available online 22 July 2015

Keywords: Fascism Former Soviet Union Extreme right Ultra-nationalism

Palingenesis Comparison Typology Concept analysis



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