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Chinese hypersonics are most interesting. Shkval replacement interesting. S-500 essay verges on the silly – TNI explainers seem to verge on fake news these days. Iranian fighter is worth a chuckle or two.

The article on Russian intent to shoot subkiloton 152mm nukes from Armata MBT barrels, and the Kinetic Energy Projectile program are very interesting indeed.

China Takes Wraps Off National Hypersonic Plan | Technology content from Aviation Week

China’s first international hypersonics conference in Xiamen amounted to a coming-out party for the nation’s swift progress in high-speed flight research.

China Reveals Key Test Progress On Hypersonic Combined-Cycle Engine | Technology content from Aviation Week

Could China’s hypersonic combined-cycle engine be the first to fly?

Russia Has a Crazy Fast Torpedo That Seems Unstoppable | The National Interest BlogOr is it? S-500: Russia’s Super Weapon That Could Kill the B-2, F-22, or F-35? | The National Interest Blog

Stealth killer? 

Russia unveils Arctic air defence systems | IHS Jane’s 360

Russia has displayed versions of the KBP Instrument Design Bureau Pantsyr-S1 and Almaz-Antey Tor-M2 air defence systems integrated onto Vityaz DT-30-series all-terrain tracked carriers (ATTCs) optimized for Arctic operations. The systems were first seen in footage of a rehearsal for Russia’s 9 May

India’s Su-30MKI fighter jets has been fitted secondhand engines | Defence Blog

Iran conducting tests of Qaher-313 to prepare for the first flight | Defence Blog

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani attended a ceremony on the preparation of the flight of the Qaher-313 single-seat stealth fighter jet. The Iranian fighter jet Qaher-313 was unveiled in February 2013. The single-seat stealth fighter jet can take off and land on short runways. Early, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan announced that the Qaher 313 single-seat stealth fighter jet almost ready. Hossein Dehqan claimed on Sunday that his country had entered the final stage of the production of a home-made fighter jet known as the Qaher 313 fighter jet, adding that the plane is ready for different tests. The Qaher 313 (also named F-313) is a newest Iranian fighter jet that was publicly announced on 1 February 2013. According to Iranian government sources, the F-313 Qaher was designed and is indigenously produced in Iran by the Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO), a division of the Ministry of Defense, and IRIAF. The project manager is Hassan Parvaneh.

Eurofighter Typhoon Technical Briefing At LIMA 2017

BAE Systems’ Aircrew adviser and Eurofighter Typhoon pilot, Paul Smith demonstrated the new Copter-E radar at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2017. The Captor-E Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar being developed by the Euroradar consortium. It is a next-generation mechanical multi-mode pulse Doppler radar designed for the Eurofighter Typhoon. The new generation of radar is intended to replace the mechanically steered antennas and high-power transmitters used on current Eurofighter aircraft with an electronically steered array This enables new mission capabilities for combat aircraft such as simultaneous radar functionalities, air surveillance, air-to-ground and weapon control. The new radar improves the effective air-to-air missile range of the aircraft and allows for faster and more accurate detection and tracking of multiple aircraft with lower life cycle costs. In July 2010, it was reported that the Euroradar consortium made a formal offer to provide an AESA solution for the Eurofighter. The consortium plans to retain as much “back-end” equipment as possible while developing the new radar and also stated that the inclusion of an AESA radar was an important in securing orders from foreign nations. An initial series of flight trials with the Air-to-Surface MBDA Brimstone precision strike missile was conducted in July last year.The tests were conducted using UK Typhoon Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) 6 and led by BAE Systems with the support of Eurofighter GmbH, MBDA and the UK‘s Ministry of Defence. BAE Systems’ Stiker II digital helmet-mounted display system has integrated night vision cameras and target tracking technology within a fully integrated visor-projected HMD system.

Can Unmanned Aircraft Be Effective Wingman? | Technology content from Aviation Week

Skunk Works conducts flight tests to show how autonomous technology can enable unmanned aircraft to make manned fighters more effective in hostile environments.

Raytheon upgrading missile defense radar

Raytheon has been awarded a $10 million contract modification to continue development of GaN technology for missile defense radars.

US Army Exploring ‘Devastating’ New Weapon for Use In War with Russia – Defense One

The Kinetic Energy Projectile would be a tungsten warhead that moves at three times the speed of sound, destroying anything in its path.

U.S. Military Considers New Super-Weapon to Counter Russia’s Nuclear Warheads

The Kinetic Energy Projectile launches a tungsten-based missile at Mach 3 that delivers a “devastating” load of hot metal fragments.

U.S. Army Could Adopt Kinetic Energy Projectile | AWIN_Defense content from Aviation Week

It might not be as devastating as a tactical nuclear weapon, but the U.S. Army believes the Kinetic Energy Projectile could have the same deterrent effect.

US Army to Test Powerful New Truck-Mounted Laser ‘Within Months’ – Defense One

New solid-state lasers plus ever-more-powerful mobile generators brings directed energy weapons a big step closer to reality.

US M1 Abrams tanks in Europe receives new green foliage camouflage | Defence Blog

Sikorsky – Boeing Future Vertical Lift: The Way Forward – YouTube

Sikorsky – Boeing Future Vertical Lift is a scalable design based on proven X2 Technology™. Designed for long range, high speed, superior hover performance a…

The Aviationist » Poland Eyes Procurement of Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance/SIGINT Aircraft.

Australia selects NASAMS air-defence system | Defence Blog

Indonesia’s military expected to unveil Apache attack helicopters during a 5 October parade | Defence Blog

Air Force eyes passive surveillance to track aircraft using only the RF signals they emit – Intelligent Aerospace

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio – U.S. Air Force researchers are ready to ask industry for passive surveillance techniques to identify, pinpoint, and track aircraft, land vehicles, and surface ships using only the RF signals they emit.

Air Force plans to use high-powered electromagnets for cyber ops – Fifth Domain | Cyber

Fifth Domain is a news and information resource that brings civilian, defense, industry, private sector and critical infrastructure stakeholders together in one place for a holistic discussion on cybersecurity, both defense and offense. The cyberwar is here. Fifth Domain has it covered.

Drones ‘a critical component’ for Marine electronic warfare tactics

In the recently published 2017 Aviation Plan, the Marines note that UAS will be a planned critical component of the Marine Air Ground Task Force EW concept.

Pentagon tech advisers target how the military digests data

Technology advisory group says DoD needs to store data in new ways.

Air Force satellites will use 3-D printed partsThe 3-D part was made using a process in which a laser melts and fuses aluminum metal powder layer-by-layer.

Boeing To Use Printed Titanium Parts, Potentially Saving Millions3D-printed titanium parts could save millions of dollars on every plane made.

Russia’s Tu-160M2 Blackjack Supersonic Bomber: A Cruise Missile Carrier? | The National Interest Blog

Coming soon? 

LIMA 2017 – Day 3 (Mar 23) | DailyNews

The relationship between third offset strategy and multi-domain battle

What is the relationship between the Pentagon’s third offset strategy and the multi-domain battle concepts being developed by the services?

Air Force looks at how it can support services in multi-domain battle

The Air Force is looking at how it can support its sister services in multi-domain battle.