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List Kremlin delirium: infected rats, the mercenaries of NATO DRG-poisoners and death rays – IS Coordinator

Russian propagandists are intimidated the population of the occupied Donbas delusional fabrications about Ukraine.

Apologies, dear readers. These jokes, er, rather propaganda examples, are not nearly as funny in English as they are in Russian. 

Nobody will ever accuse Russian propagandists of being too intelligent.  They tend to debase themselves to the lowest common denominator, use racial slurs, and resurrect ancient fallacies. 

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04/17/2017 – 15:00

This was announced today writes the IP coordinator, MP Dmitry Tymchuk.

“Examples of delirium, which is distributed today in” LDNR “as rumors. Some of these rumors launches agents “MGB” and militants, while others stem from propaganda trends – sitting in the Donetsk and Luhansk, Russian experts do not eat bread for nothing. But the Kremlin’s propaganda is not specified – it local victims themselves think out.

– On the part of Ukraine mass fight “foreign mercenaries” (variants: black American soldiers, snipers from the Baltic states, NATO soldiers, the Turkish militants, terrorists LIH).

The trend is not new, but the latest trend – “damning evidence” in the form of the fact that today in the Ukrainian cities can be found in large vehicles with non-EU countries (mostly – the Baltic countries). So for note holders Bonded machines – you are “mercenaries of NATO.” Congratulations.

– With the help of a cunning American (! Well, someone else) MAT equipment irradiated residents frontline towns harmful radiation. Parent hearing – the main “deneerovsky” balabol “deputy commander” Eduard Basurin. Possible consequences: increased mortality, impotence, the transformation in germ freaks children and pregnant women, etc. found recently and “proof”: some residents’ LDNR “” discover “that began to rapidly discharge cell phones. Disturbing rumors provoke panic. The option of replacing the phone battery in his head, obviously not coming.

– Holders of passports “LDNR” shot. Like, the SBU has a database of all recipients “LDNR passports”, which promptly updated. For this based on KPVV caught reckless “citizens of the young republic”, who decided to leave the ORDLO, and more options – shot on the spot, the concentration camp in Kramatorsk, the secret prison of the SBU in Mariupol.

Details of people think up himself, and they do not always correspond to the interests of the occupiers. According to the extended version of the SBU data is transmitted to the officials’ LDNR “- some being embedded Kyiv agents, while others simply sell for money.

– Kiev is ORDLO against biological warfare. The city is letting (how – it is not clear) the hordes of infected rats and grown in a “secret labs SBU” (option – “Laboratory CIA”), other wild animals, which by definition should be wary of a man, and then climb directly to homes. Nadressirovany bastards. The APU is obviously introduced a new vusovku and post – krysopas, SHPK minimum “Major”, well, senior krysopas – certainly not lower than colonel.

The fact that the settlements ORDLO indeed become much more rodents – fact. Well, what else was to be expected in a rampant lack of hygiene? As for the other animals in the border areas are on the background of permanent warfare became really afraid of people far less than before – for these people seem to be much less evil than the exploding shells.

– Saboteurs SBU, MTR and DIU walking on ORDLO both on its own country, regularly poison the drinking water.

Here – a special thank you to both “MGB” litter ether constant cheerful reports of the capture of here and numerous SNM “ukropovskih DRG”, which “LDNR” is already listed on the order of magnitude greater than the “militias” and civilians combined.

It is interesting that such rumors about the “poisoners-saboteurs” periodically walk and the Human Settlements ORDLO that receive water from the controlled Ukrainian territory (eg Popasnjansky water treatment plant) – although it would seem that hinders “sadists of the SBU” poison the water yet on the territory controlled by the Kiev? But no, on the DRG interesting. ”

List of delirium is open, it is only small examples of how the brain works at the victims of the Russian / pro-Russian propaganda. ”

IS coordinator, MP Dmitry Tymchuk



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