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Russian Disinformation: Sarin Attack Blameshifting

A senior Russian official in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a link to the article at the bottom, today.  It offers a long, drawn-out analysis that the US staged the sarin gas attack in Idlib, Syria.

Let’s review:

  1. Russia denies culpability for the Sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians.
  2. Syria denies blame for the Sarin gas attack.
  3. Since at least 8 April, when the #SyriaHoax conspiracy theory was floating around, some have pointed at the US.

Here was my article about the #SyriaHoax conspiracy theory.

Now Russia is officially saying the US staged a “false flag” operation so that it could bomb Syria.  A translated version is at the bottom of this blog.

Note the illustration to the story, made by VeteransToday, a Russian propaganda proxy site.

Please notice that even the US media is picking up the story that Russia is blaming the US for this being a “false flag” or staged operation. In terms of Active Measures, this could be perceived as a successful disinformation operation.  The bad news for Russia is that it is being recognized as Russian disinformation. Russia must do this too often or the media is becoming savvier. Even Snopes is reporting on a 2013 hoax based on the same concept. Notice what Forbes says: Putin Applies MH17 FalseFlag Template To Syria’s Gas Attack To Convince Russian Public.  Education, it’s working.

Is it possible somebody else gave the idea to Russia or Syria?


With that, I leave you with a very long, typically Russian, overextended Russian disinformation propaganda piece which can be summarized: Russia good, US bad. Ignore the truth. Da.

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

A multilevel analysis of an American attack on Syria with cruise missiles and its consequences

The recent bombardment of cruise missiles, the Syrian air base the United States has become a very important event, so it is necessary to consider the event in detail. I will try to do today is hoping to be able to shed some light on a very strange attack, which, however, will have a very significant impact. But first, let’s see what happened.


I do not think that at least someone seriously believes that the Assad or someone else from the Syrian government actually gave the order to attack someone else chemical weapons. To believe it, you need to find a logical sequence as follows: First, Assad largely won in the war against Daishev *, which is now in retreat. USA then say that the overthrow of Assad is no longer a priority (as long as everything is confirmed by the facts, and it’s true). Then Assad decides to use chemical weapons, which it does not. He decides to bomb the place, which has no military value, but there are a lot of kids, photo and movie cameras. After that, when the Russian demand a full investigation, the Americans as quickly as possible strike, before a proposal is supported on the investigation. And now the Americans are investigating the possible role of Russia in the so-called attack. Honestly, if you believe in all this, you should immediately stop reading and go back to the TV. For the rest, there are three options:

  1. The performed Americans classic operation false flag.
  2. Syrian attack on the positions where there were warehouses of the gas, possibly chlorine, but most likely sarin. This option requires you to believe in coincidences. I do not believe. For now.
  3. US Syrians fed false intelligence and forced to bomb a position where poison gas had been stockpiled, as the Americans knew exactly.

It is obvious that the Syrians are not chemical weapons were dumped from an airplane, and no chemical weapons at the air base of al-Shayrat stockpiled was not. There is no trace pointing to any equipment or containers that could be poison. As to the US, and these radars, all that they can show – that the plane was in the sky, the direction of its flight, altitude and speed. It is not possible to determine the presence of chemical weapons or chemical attack by radar.

Whichever option you choose, the Syrian government is obviously not guilty of what he is accused – the use of chemical weapons. Rather, there is a false flag operation.

Also, just in addition, the United States considered it such an operation under a foreign flag in the past. You can read all about the plan here and here .


American and Russian sources agree on the following: 2 ships of the US Navy launched 59 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” on the air base of al-Shayrat in Syria. According to the US political channels not consulted with Russia, but on the military – two hours warned Russia. And then different information.

The Americans say that all the missiles hit at targets. Russian said that only 23 cruise missiles were on the air base. As for the others “do not know anything.” This, I think, the Americans undoubtedly lie, and Russian are telling the truth: the main runway is not damaged (Russian correspondents were given footage is proving) and suffered only one taxiway. Moreover, Syrian Air resumed operation after 24 hours. 36 missiles did not reach the set goals. It is a fact.

Fallen rocket "Tomahawk" with the failed guidance system about 40 miles from the target.

Fallen rocket “Tomahawk” with the failed guidance system about 40 miles from the target. (Source: Veterans the Today ).

There is no doubt also, that the base had no chemicals and no, because no one, nor the Syrians nor the Russian correspondents do not have to use any of the personal protective equipment.

Missiles “Tomahawk” used to attack, can use a combination of three navigation systems: GPS, inertial guidance and on-board electronic system of mapping the terrain. There is no evidence and no reports that the Russian used at least one missile air defense system. In fact, Russian signed a memorandum with the US, which in particular requires Russia not to intervene when the US commit managed or unmanaged flights over Syria (and vice versa). Although cruise “Tomahawk” missiles were developed in the 1980s, there is no reason to believe that the use rockets have served their term, there is even evidence that they were produced in 2014. “Tomahawk” is known for precision and reliability. There is no reason to suspect that more than half of the missiles just spontaneously out of order. So I see only two possible explanations for what happened to the missing 36 cruise missiles:

Explanation “A”: Trump does not intend to inflict a devastating blow to Syria, the whole attack was just “for show”, and the US Navy deliberately destroyed the missiles over the Mediterranean Sea. This enabled Trump seem “cool”, while not harming that really crushed his plans for cooperation with Russia. I do not believe this explanation, and explain the political analysis of why a little later.

Explanation “B”: Russian could not lawfully shoot down US missiles. Moreover, it is incorrect to assume that the cruise missiles were straight out of the Mediterranean Sea against targets (thus flying over Russian radar positions). “Tomahawks” tailor-made, so they were able to fly at a tangent to certain types of radar and they have a very low RCS (radar cross, otherwise the effective surface scattering), especially in the frontal sector. Some of the rockets probably were low enough so that the Russian radar did not see them, if only in the air there was no Russian aircraft Airborne Early Warning and Prevention (do not know). However, since the Russian had been warned of the attack, they had plenty of time to prepare their EW to “fry” and otherwise damaging at least part of the cruise missiles. I believe that this is something just right explanation. I do not know whether the Russian were technically unable to destroy or knock down a course of 23 rockets, reached the air base or made a political decision to allow less than half of the cruise missiles pass to disguise Russian participation in the destruction of 36 missiles. What I am sure – that the 36 advanced cruise missiles could not “just disappear.” There are two reasons why the Russian decided to use their system electronic warfare, not a rocket: first, it provides them with “plausible refutation” (at least to the public, there is no doubt that US intelligence unit identified Russian electronic intervention – unless it there was a very low power and very high frequency, but still far on the ground), and because the use of electronic warfare systems will allow in order to maintain missile air defense to protect its own forces. Could the Russian actually do it?

Could the Russian actually do it?

Let’s look at a picture of a Russian website , which, as it turns out, is made by “Kret” producing some key Russian system of electronic warfare. Did you notice on the left, right under the aircraft AWACS, clearly visible type missiles “Tomahawk”, deployed and eventually exploded over the sea?

Exactly how this is done – we can only guess. All we have said – that the rocket is given by “decoy”, but it does not matter for our purposes. What matters is that the Russian made it clear that they are able to deploy cruise missiles. There are other possibilities, such as directed energy beams, which are actually “freeze” or at least change the image of the terrain and / or inertial navigation system. Some suggest “instant off”, which disables the entire rocket system. Maybe. Again, it does not matter for our purposes. What matters is that the Russian have the means to deceive, redirect or destroy US cruise missiles. It turns out that – for the first time – these systems have been used in anger.

(Note: For those interested in how it looks, this system, here’s a short video of themselves Russian, showing how the system is set, and the following applies:


In terms of technical details we were told, the system can block any air targets at a distance of 200 km).

I would point out that those who say that Russian air defense systems are not working, do not know what they all say. Russian not only signed an agreement with the United States on non-interference in the air operations Americans, Russian air defense in Syria does not have the task to protect the Syrian airspace. It is the task of the Syrian air defense. Russian air defenses in Syria is there only for the protection of Russian personnel and equipment. That is why the Russian had never taken aim at Israeli planes. And it is hardly surprising that the Russian group in Syria has never had a problem closing the Syrian sky or, especially, to start a war with the United States or Israel.

However, things can change. Now Russian withdrew an agreement with the United States and, more importantly, stated that the Syrians urgently need more advanced air defense systems. While the Syrians are only a few advanced Russian air defense systems, a large part of their defense system is outdated.

Legal aspect of the attack:

The American attack took place in direct violation of US law, international law and the UN Charter. Firstly, I would say that there are strong legal evidence that a US attack violated the US Constitution, the declaration of the president of the law of war and a resolution of 2001 on the use of armed forces (AUMF). But since I was not too worried about that aspect of criminal behavior Trump, I’ll just refer you to two very good analysis of this question (see. Here and here ) and simply summarize the statements of those who believe Trump’s legal action. It comes down to this: “Yes, it is illegal, but all American presidents have long to do so, but because the legislature actually created a precedent that, damn, eventually making it all legal.” I do not think that such a “defense” is worthy of a reply or rebuttal. So, we turn to international law.

Most people think that crimes against humanity or genocide should be the most important crimes under international law. They are wrong. The most important thing is the crime of aggression. This is the conclusion of the Nuremberg Tribunal on the matter :

“Start a war of aggression, therefore, – is not only an international crime, it is a major international crime, differing from other war crimes only in that it contains in itself the accumulated evil in general.”

So, following a long and prestigious list of previous presidents, Donald Trump has now become a war criminal. In fact, he is “the major war criminals.” It took him only 77 days to achieve this status, perhaps it’s some kind of record.

As for the UN Charter, then at least, Article 1, 2,33, 39 prohibit the aggressive actions taken against Syria like the United States.

I think there is no need to dwell on the total illegality of the attack. I have just highlighted the absolute irony of the fact that the population of the country, in fact founded and managed by lawyers (just look at how many of them in Congress), apparently, totally indifferent refers to the fact that their elected representatives are completely illegal. All that worries most Americans, so it will bring victory whether or not illegal means. And if you bring as a means no one cares. Do not agree? Tell me, how many peaceful demonstrations in the United States because of the entirely illegal aggression against Yugoslavia? Exactly. Q.E.D.

Political consequences (internal)

My son is wonderfully articulate what actions led Trump:

“Those who hated him, continue to hate you, but those who supported him are now also hate.”

Wow! How is Trump and his advisers were not able to foresee this? Instead of performing his many promises (and Trump’s own statements on Twitter), Trump suddenly decided to make a 180-degree turn and completely betray everything for which he acted. I can not imagine a more foolish actions, well, I just can not. I must say that now the Trump makes me think “Dabyu” smart. But there is much, much worse.

The worst aspect of this devilry – how immoral looks Trump. Think – first Trump gave Flynn. Bannon then betrayed.

( Note: I mostly Flynn liked Bannon for me so all is useless, but the point is that they were my best friends, they were best friends Trump And instead of protecting them, it is they sacrificed… . forever bloodthirsty neo-cons in hopes to appease them is what I wrote about this stupid and utterly immoral betrayal in the day when it happened:

“Remember how Obama has shown his true colors when he hypocritically betrayed his friend and mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr.? Today and Trump showed his true colors. Instead of denying the resignation Flynn and instead of dismissing those who dare to concoct silly charges against Flynn, Trump accepted his resignation. It is not just the essence of cowardice is a betrayal is also a surprisingly stupid and pointless, because now the Trump would be alone, alone and face to face with the likes of Mattis and pensions – fanatical Knights of the Cold War, ideologically to the bone, hungry for war and simply do not pay attention to reality. “

The worst aspect of all this is that betraying people left and right, Trump is now demonstrated that he can not be trusted, he did not hesitate to inflict you a stab in the back. Would you risk it for the sake of such a man? What a contrast with Putin that “notorious” that protects its friends and supporters, even when they are doing something wrong. That’s the reason why the Anglo-Zionists can not break Putin, and why it took them a month to break Trump – Putin made from titanium, and Trump – just overcooked vermicelli).

Now Trump gave himself turned against everything for which he himself performed. It’s almost Shakespearean story of pathetic and tragic!

During the course of his campaign Trump has made a lot of great promises and inspired millions of Americans to support him. Personally, I believe that he was sincere in his intentions, I do not believe in the theory of “everything was pop numbers.” Just look at a complete panic neocons at the forecast Trump victory, and tell me that it was false. No, I think Trump was sincere. But, faced with the relentless opposition of the American neo-cons and the “deep state,” Trump immediately broke, because it is clearly quite beskhrebeten and his ethics and morals prostitutes with trailer parking.

So, we have the sad and pathetic version of Obama. Like Obama 2.0, if you want. Man has inspired millions, has promised change, that you could believe, and did absolutely nothing but complete obedience to the true masters and owners of the United States – the neo-cons and the deep state.

Trump got what he wanted, and in fact: the very same corporate media, which he said he despised, now his praise. And nobody else calls him “an agent of Putin.” By the way, none of this puts the neocons arrange his impeachment. He chose the easy solution that will expire in a few days. How stupid of him. He actually chose to start the version of “indicative of attack”, which has become one of the most pathetic attacks in history, perhaps, by the grace of Russian systems, electronic warfare, and now, when the US throw away about 100 million dollars, which can demonstrate Trump? Servile several articles in the media, which he always hated, and who will return to hate him, as soon as they are told their masters-the neocons. To me, it’s sad.

Since the advent of the White House Trump only inferior and inferior (it makes me wonder, was not whether his father was an alcoholic). As a man, how he has managed to achieve something in the business of a mystery to me, but now it has become clear that it is completely subordinated to the neocons and now want to turn it into a body of the highway of big politics.

I am afraid that the next four years (or less!) Will turn into an endless celebration of Purim …

The political implications of (external)

Trump in one fell swoop destroyed all hope for at least some US cooperation with Russia. Worse, he destroyed all hopes for victory over Daishev. Why? Because if you really believe that you can defeat Daishev without the support of Russian and Iranian, you can sell anything. It will not happen. And much, much worse than what we are now back in the pre-war situation, as it was when Obama and Clinton would be the case. Let me explain.

Here are the measures taken by Russia after the attack on Syria:

  1. Condemnation of the UN (to be expected, is not essential).
  2. The decision to strengthen Syria’s air defense (and not a trifle, it would give the Syrians a means to close its airspace).
  3. The decision to cancel the memorandum with the United States (now the Russian will have the right to decide whether or not to shoot down shoot down in Syria).
  4. The decision to close the hotline with the US military (now the US will not be able to call Russian and ask for something to do or not to do).

The combination of paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 does not mean that Russian will shoot there next time. Russian will be more limited and their own rules and policies. But it will have a dramatic impact on the decision by the United States, because from now on there will be no guarantee that the Russian will not shoot. Russian in fact already owned by the Syrian airspace. What they choose to do further – to give similar means Syrians. This will not only allow the Syrians to defend themselves against any future attacks against the United States or Israel, it will provide Russian pretext for the day when they decide to shoot down an American plane, or drone. And finally, the Russian return one of its most advanced warships to the Syrian coast. So giving Trump right acquitted for lack of evidence, are now returning to the Russian position on Syria, the Obama era. Bravo, Trump, just perfect!

Bravo, Trump, just perfect!

Yes, I know what is expected to meet with Lavrov Tillerson this week. This was discussed on Russian TV to disgust many, and the consensus is that the only reason why the Russian did not cancel the meeting – because they do not want to, on the basis of general principles, to be those who refuse to talk with the other party. Perfectly. Given that we are talking about a possible international thermonuclear war, I see the point. Still, I would prefer to Lavrov sent Tillerson home. Why? Because I came to the conclusion that any dialogue with the United States simply does not make sense and is a waste of time. On the one hand, on any matter of US policy simply does not exist. Over the past week or so, we watched as Nikki Heyli and Rex Tillerson again and again completely contradict each other: “No, we do not want to overthrow Assad. Yes, we want to overthrow Assad. Yes, we do it. No, we do not do. ” It’s just painful and unpleasant to watch. This demonstrates that, as the Obama administration, the people Trump simply “inability to negotiate”. I have explained this term in the analysis , (written about Obama is not about Trump!):

“Russian expressed complete disgust and anger over the attack and began to openly say that the Americans’ inability to negotiate.”

This expression literally means “not able to agree,” or unable to agree and adhere to the agreements. Being very polite, this expression is very expressive, because it means not so deliberate deception, but the absence of the very ability to negotiate and to adhere to the agreements. For example, Russian is often said that the regime in Kiev “nedogovorosposoben” and it makes sense to assume that the Nazi-occupied Ukraine in fact has become a failed state. But to say that the global nuclear superpower “inability to negotiate” – a terrifying and extremely unpleasant sentence. In essence, this means that the Americans have gone mad and lost the ability to sign at least some contract. Again, the government is violating its obligations or attempts to deceive, but which, at least in theory, is able to enter into agreements – will be called the “inability to negotiate”. This expression is only used to describe an object that does not have a set of skills necessary to negotiate and conclude agreements in its political set of techniques. It is absolutely amazing the diagnosis. “

This is bad. Very bad. This means that Russian actually rejected the idea of hope for the existence of the mature, sober and sane partner in dialogue. And yet this means that the remaining extremely polite and dispassionate, Russian is now come to the conclusion that they need to simply assess what is needed to act alone or with other partners, and in fact, pull the plug on the United States.

Tillerson meeting with Lavrov

This only applies to the official Kremlin. Independent Russian analysts do not mince words full of scorn and disgust against Trump. Some of them suggest that Trump has decided to show how “cool” in the preparation of a trip to Moscow Tillerson. If this is the case, it is big miscalculation. On the one hand, many say that Trump is engaged in “window dressing” – absolutely false show of force, which does not really show anything. What is obvious – a show of force in the Russian culture is very discouraged, Russian firmly believe that the really hard guy should not be in such a form.

( Note: if Dzhon Ueyn – a prototype of the American hero is Danila Bagrov from the movie “Brother” and “Brother 2” – a prototype of Russian hero is quite modest, taciturn, tight budget, sometimes charmingly awkward and naive, but in fact “cooler us all “(as he called another character in the film – if you have not watched these two movies, I will highly recommend, although I do not know whether they are with English subtitles.)

American hero and the Russian hero.

American hero and the Russian hero.

Definitely, guys such as Dzhon Ueyna would not have survived had on the Russian street, they would be immediately perceived as fake as weak and trying to hide the lack of strength of the showing off, they would be immediately crushed and humiliated. Nowadays, when Americans embraced what I call the style “” Delta “/ Blackwater” (pointed beard, long hair, dark sunglasses and a ton of muscle), according to Russian standards, it looks ridiculous. Russian special forces (I met with many representatives) “never” do not fit in this image, because it is very well try not to look).

Personally, I do not think Trump’s plan was to make an impression on the Russian. And I do not think, as some, that the beginning of an attack during Chinese President Xi’s visit was intentional humiliation or a kind of “message”. In fact, I do not think that ever existed some plan to demonstrate that Tarmp “cool” and not a friend of Putin. Like this. I think that the so-called “elite” who are responsible for managing the United States endlessly arrogant, stupid, uneducated, incompetent and irresponsible. I do not buy the theory of “controlled chaos”, as well as to the idea that if the earlier Anglo-Zionists have established a procedure for the other, but now they are introducing a mess. Yes, this is a consequence of their actions, but not part of a diabolical plan, and the final sign of the degeneration of the Empire, which is ignorant, scared, evil and arrogant.

I have already explained in the previous analysis of why the plan to defeat the Trump LIH * useless and will not be repeated. I will only say that the approval of Erdogan Trump attacks equally stupid and equally to his own detriment. I doubt that Erdogan hopes to achieve something. Americans are not only almost killed him during the coup attempt, they are now working on a semi-independent Kurdistan exactly on the border with Turkey. Yes, I know, Erdogan wants to get rid of Assad, this is true, but if he really believes that Trump will be able to displace al-Assad and deprive him of his power? And what if Assad is deposed, Turkey will become richer now that Syria will be declared the Emirate Takfiristan? I really hope that after the referendum, Erdoğan will restore some sense of reality.

And what about the Israelis, they really believe that to deal with Assad is worse than the Caliphate Takfiristana? But then one can expect anything else, anything from the guys with such a long history of taking the worst of solutions.

And yet, everything seems all gone mad!

And still standing ovation from Europe and Ukraine. Me they simply lead to confusion. They rejoice in an attempt to offset one of the last sane and secular regimes in the Middle East. That European “leaders” do not understand that if Syria will be replaced with the Caliphate Takfiristan, unfold the doors of hell for Europe? I just shocking how these people are short-sighted …

American "subtle hint" North Korea and China.

American “subtle hint” North Korea and China.

Now let’s see what happened to China and the DPRK perspective. First, as I mentioned, I do not think that Xi took the attack during his visit to the US as a slap or humiliation. From the other civilized country – possible. But not from the United States. The Chinese are completely devoid of illusions about the complete lack of sophistication and even the foundations of civility in American presidents. Not to say that they were not angry or very concerned. It goes without saying, they noted, and “coincidence” that the US Navy canceled a scheduled entry into port in Australia, the United States Navy ship, “Carl Vinson”, but instead sent an aircraft carrier and support group to the Korean peninsula. They also noted that the move was the most illuminated the American propaganda machine. For a “show of force” in Syria, followed by the next “show of force” in East Asia.

As is typical, right?

If it comes to that, this move will only strengthen the informal, but very powerful and profound partnership between China and Russia. Like the Russian, the Chinese continue to smile and make a cute statement on international peace and security, negotiations and other matters. But everyone who has a weight of China will realize that the real message from Washington is very simple:

“Now – all of Assad, but you can be next.”

Which brings us back to North Korea. I do not know how to read minds, and not a psychologist, but just ask yourself this question: which is worse – if the Americans will not be able to scare Kim Jong-un, or they do it successfully? I have no answer, but given past behavior of the leaders of North Korea, I have with great certainty suggested that scare them and to frighten them badly – both options are extremely dangerous. Ideas “scare” can not be used in any policy regarding North Korea. But there is now talk in Washington loggerhead (true if there is), that US intelligence agencies have finalized the plans – I’m not kidding – ” to destroy the Kim Jong-un .” And to make sure that the message arrived at its destination, the next US harpy in the UN Security Council threatens North Korea war.

Are they really all in Washington have gone mad?

Need I explain why the war with North Korea – a terrible idea, even if that country does not have nuclear weapons?

Conclusion: what next?

The simple answer is: I do not know. Let me explain why I do not know. All the years of preparation and work of the military analyst, I always had to consider all those involved as “intelligent actors”. Tips exactly as they were. These were the Americans. Then, beginning with Obama, more and more often I had to question this assumption, because the United States do some insane and self-destructive actions. Tell me – how deterrence works with a person who does not have the instinct of self-preservation (whether as a result of endless imperial arrogance of any kind, arrogance, ignorance or just stupidity)? I dont know. For the answer to this question does not need a military analyst, as someone like a psychiatrist who specializes in delirium and suicide.

Some readers might think that this is an exaggeration. I assure you, no. I’m quite serious. I do not just believe the administration Trump’s “inability to negotiate”, I think it is completely divorced from reality. In other words, raving. Do you think that Kim Jong-un with nuclear weapons – it is bad? And what about Obama or Trump with nuclear weapons? You think they are not much worse?

So what can the world do?

First, the simple answer – Europeans. They can not do anything. They are here to any side. They do not exist. At least in the political sense.

However, some countries are experiencing a tremendous courage. Look, he dared to make the Security Council, the representative of Bolivia:

Bolivia: the manifestation of courage.

Bolivia: the manifestation of courage.

And what a shame for Europe: a small and poor country like Bolivia, showed more dignity than the entire European continent! It is not surprising that Russian has no respect for the EU.

What made Bolivia, and great and noble. But who really needs to come into the arena – Russia and China. While Russia is doing all the dirty work and, paradoxically, it was Russia that was the subject of the most stupid and ungrateful lack of gratitude (especially from the cushion warriors). This needs to change. China has a lot more resources to put pressure on the United States and return them to the semblance of sanity than Russia. All that is in Russian – a great military means. And in China, on the contrary, it is possible to harm the United States where it is of great importance: the money. Russia in an embarrassing situation: she can not leave Syria madmen-takfiritam, but can not go to a nuclear war with the United States due to Assad. The problem is not Assad. The problem is that he – the only one who is able, at least for now, to protect Syria from Daishev. If you remove Assad, Syria will fall and then comes the turn of Iran. Russia can not allow the destruction of Anglo-Zionists Iran, because Iran will come after her turn. All this is understood in Russia. But, as I said, the problem of military responses that they could lead to a military escalation, which further leads to military conflicts, and those very quickly can be a fusion. So that’s my main thesis:

You do not want Russia to stop the US purely military methods, because the survival of humanity in jeopardy.

I understand that for some it is illogical, but remember that deterrence works only with intelligent actors. Russia has already done a lot, more than anyone else, with the exception of Iran. And if Russia – not a world policeman, it is not the savior of the world. The rest of humanity, too, shall cease to be silent strangers and really anything to do!

Russia and China could stop the United States, but they must act together. And for that C should stop acting as a stand alone small statues of Buddha and speak loudly and clearly. This is especially true, as Americans show less fear of China than Russia.

(Note: the Chinese army far behind Russia in the possibilities, but are catching up very, very quickly Just 30 years ago, Chinese troops were outdated and primitive Not today The Chinese have made tremendous progress in record time, their troops today completely wrong,… they were. I have no doubt that the United States can not win the war against China, especially not near the continental part of it. Moreover, I assume that the Chinese will be in full swing to promote a vigorous program of military modernization, which will allow them to to reduce the gap with the US and Russia in record time. So any ideas of the United States on the use of force against China, whether Taiwan or North Korea, totally absurd, pure madness. However, perhaps due to the fact that the Americans believe their own propaganda, it seems to me the guys in Washington believe that we are living in 1950 or 1960, and that they can scare the “Chinese communist peasants’ own carrier battle groups that they can not realize -. that each sea mile traveled by US aircraft carriers in the direction of China, they represent GSS th increasingly large and easy target for the military, which specialize in the destruction of the US aircraft carrier operations. Americans ought to ask themselves a simple question: what will they do if the Chinese or flood, or will cause serious damage to one (or more) US aircraft carriers? Go to nuclear war with China having nuclear weapons, it is capable of converting many US cities in a nuclear desert? Indeed? To exchange New York or San Francisco in the strike group, “Carl Vinson”? Think one more time.)

While China supports Russia, but only behind his back. It is beautiful and very wisely, but Russia quickly run out of resources. If there was a reasonable man in the White House, that would never do anything that could lead to a war with Russia, there were no problems. Alas, like Obama before him, Trump seems to think that he could win a nuclear “pereglyadkah” with Russia. But he can not. Let me clarify: cornered, Russia will fight, even if it means a nuclear war. I have repeated many times, there are two differences between the American and Russian:

  1. Russian fear of the war, the Americans – no.
  2. Russian ready for war, the Americans – no.

The problem is that every sign of Russia’s caution and every attempt by Russia to reduce the escalation of the situation (whether in Ukraine, Turkey or Syria), the West is always interpreted as a sign of weakness. This is what happens when cultures collide, one of which focuses on boasting and threats, and the other believes in diplomacy and negotiations.

(Note: the main cultural USA and Russia distinction perfectly illustrate the polar opposite attitude to the most advanced weapons systems Once the Americans the wraps off one of their weapons systems, they begin a massive marketing campaign, introducing its “best of the best”, “the world” (always. . “in the world” like someone to check it out, or even just to compare) they long to explain what sort of groundbreaking technologies and how they do it invincible weapon Perfect illustration -. all (now, looking around ayas ago, very stupid) propaganda about the system “stealth” and aircraft-stealth. Russian doing quite the opposite. First, they try everything to keep secret. But then, when he finally removed the secrecy with weapons systems, they are hard to underestimate the possibility of even when crystal clear that the entire planet knew the truth! There are many examples where the negotiations on disarmament negotiators of the Soviet Union knew about the real possibilities of the Soviets less than their American partners! And finally, when the Russian export of weapons systems, they are always sharply worsen export version, at least that was the model of conduct for the sale of fighter aircraft with thrust vector control Su-30MKI in India, and the Russian SU-30 got it later, in SU-model 30cm, so maybe the situation is changing. Ask yourself, have you ever heard of the Russian systems of cruise missiles “Caliber” before they are used in Syria? And did you know that Russia since the late 1970s has nuclear raketotorpedami, able to “fly” underwater at speeds in excess of 230 miles per hour?)

Russia is in a very difficult and very unpleasant situation. And it is for the most part alone. Europeans – cowards. Latin Americans pohrabrey, but they do not have the means to put pressure on the United States. Japan and South Korea – US colony. Austria and New Zealand are as gang Echelon / Five Eyes . Russia has a lot of friends in Africa, but they somehow live under European or American boot. Iran has already donated more than any other country and is risking much. It would simply be unfair to ask the Iranians to do something else. The only actor who can do something about – China. If there is any hope of avoiding another four years “nightmare in the style of Obama”, it is China that should come forward and tell the United States to cool.

In the meantime, Russia will go on a very thin line between bad options. Her main hope as the main hope of the rest of mankind, that the US elite are too busy fighting each other, they have almost no time left on some foreign policy. Alas, apparently, Trump “figured out” that the only way to be smart (or so he thinks) in domestic policy – is to do something stupid in foreign policy (such as the attack on Syria). It will not work.

Perhaps impeachment Trump could become a nuisance, prove a boon. If Mike Pence becomes president, he and his neocons would again have full power and would not have to prove that they are steep, doing something stupid and dangerous? Would President Pence better than President Trump? I’m afraid that this is possible. Especially if it will launch a profound internal crisis within the United States.

The next four years will be terrible, I am sorry to say it. Our next hope – no matter how small – that the White House in 2020 will be someone reasonable. Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard will lead the world with promises of the campaign and of the “draining the swamp”?Perhaps “America first ‘will be at least mean something if it says Gabbard? Now it seems to be almost the only one who refused to accept the nonsense about “Assad did it.” So, perhaps, it could provide a mix of peace and progressive social policies, which so many Americans want? Perhaps it could become the first woman president for all the faithful rather than incorrect assumptions? I dont know. 2020 is still very, very far, let’s hope that we all live to see the time, unless some moron in Washington decides that the war with Russia – a good idea.

Did she - the last hope for the United States?

Did she – the last hope of the United States?

What is obvious – that the dichotomy “Democrats against the Republicans” and “conservatives against liberals” only serves to preserve a system that was able to deliver the value of the left and the right. This is a paradox, because it is clear that most Americans want to have peace in their country, they stopped the constant wars and want to live in a civilized social and working standards. Of course, hard-nosed libertarians still believe that unlimited freedom of business – the perfect solution, even if all power will be in the hands of corporations and even if it leaves each citizen individually defenseless against the oligarchy. But you can bet that even die-hard libertarians would prefer to “statism” (as they would say) with the world the same “droop” of the war. Similarly, many fanatical progressives want to restrict severely freedom of many Americans (owners of small businesses, gun owners), but they would prefer a world without rules and restrictions war without rules and restrictions. So, I think that the ability to combine the platform should be defined as the idea of “peace and civil rights.” Here is this vast majority of Americans can agree. Even the movement of “black life matter” would agree with this platform of “peace and civil rights.” The fact that, in my opinion, ought to be a priority of the federal government – the dismantling of the military machine and the dismantling of the state’s repressive machinery: a complete withdrawal of US troops deployed around the world, coupled with the full restoration of civil and human rights as they were before the operation under a false 9/11 flag. And let all the other issues dealt States.

Alas, I fear that in the power of the plutocracy will never allow it. The way they crushed a month Trump tells me that they will do so with anyone who is not one of them. So, although the hope is – a good thing, and although I like to dream of a better future, I do not expect anything good. I think it is most likely a sudden and violent collapse of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, followed by the collapse of the US (as described here ).

We would be better prepared for the future is very cruel times.

Our only consolation – that all the dramatic events taking place in the United States, are signs of weakness. US elites pounced on each other, and even though the neocons Trump broke, it does not stop the fratricidal war within the American plutocracy. Take a look at the picture close-up, as the empire is coming apart at the seams, and remember that all this is happening because we are winning.

Imperialism will perish, discredited and hated by all those who have to live at the time of the coming collapse of the United States to justify the Anglo-Zionist empire. Hopefully, this will be the last empire in history, and humanity will learn this lesson (finally!).



* – group, forbidden in Russia.



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