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Corrupt Karzai Berates US Bombing

When Hamid Karzai accuses his successor of treasonous action, I recall all the millions, reputedly billions of dollars he squeezed out of the US and his own treasury.

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused his successor on Saturday of committing treason by allowing the U.S. military to drop the largest conventional bomb ever used in combat during an operation against Islamic State militants in Afghanistan.

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai calls decision to drop massive U.S. bomb “treason”

A Reuters report, printed on Yahoo News, offers no alternative to this action which saved countless Afghan and US lives by killing ISIS-K members in the holes into which they scurried.

Instead, Karzai left many offending warlords operate with impunity, allowed a lucrative and illegal heroin trade to flourish within his borders, and accepted millions in payments from the United States and reputedly absconded with at least a billion dollars skimmed off the top of other transactions.

The list goes on, seemingly endless.

In early 2001 and 2002, I was a military intelligence officer supporting special operations in Afghanistan. I was there when Karzai was installed into power. I later heard endless reports of his corruption through a myriad of unclassified reports.  There have been official reports which have found Karzai not only deeply corrupt but complicit in maintaining a corrupt system in and throughout Afghanistan. The Obama administration did nothing. Even as ISIS began to creep back into Afghanistan, the Obama administration did nothing. The relationship between Karzai and the Taliban was supposed to be very close.

Perhaps this statement describes the situation best.

KABUL: Barely 10 months after retiring as president, Hamid Karzai remains a formidable presence in Afghan politics, with critics accusing him of Machiavellian string-pulling behind the scenes which is imperilling political stability. – PUBLISHED JUL 17, 2015 11:26AM