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Voxtribune – Fake News

Somebody pointed out some fake news today, about the MOAB drop in Afghanistan.  It showed handheld footage of what was supposed to be the MOAB explosion.

I reposted on Facebook it but did a search and couldn’t find the video anyplace else.  I put the disclaimer up that I couldn’t verify the video…

Here is a screenshot of the fake news:

Notice the URL, it’s a VoxTribune article.

I went searching to find if VoxTribune is a notorious Fake News website and it’s not.

At the bottom is the exact same video on YouTube (

It’s labeled:

Huge Explosion of an Ammunition Depot in Sana’a after Saudi Airstrike || Yemen War 2015

Recently emerged footage of an airstrike (May 11) against an ammunition depot of Ansar Allah (Houthis) / Yemeni Army near Sana’a. The airstrike set off huge explosions that sent debris crashing into a residential area at the foot of the mountain. At least 69 people have been killed and 250 others wounded by the explosions.

So…  I’m not sure how I submit to one of the many Fake News research sites, but I hereby submit VoxTribune as a fake news site.

ht to Dave for sending me the right video.

Here’s the real deal:


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