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Russia vetoes West’s Syria resolution at UN Security Council

I believe RT had this prepared in advance.  By the time I received my first alert about this veto, RT already had this published.

This flies in the face of the evidence.

This clearly shows Russia siding with Syria.  Russia’s actions do not synchronize with Lavrov’s words with Tillerson.

Check out the ‘White House documents’:

There are a number of documents in the Tweet.  Michael Weiss of the Daily Beast calls this the White House dossier on the Syrian chemical attacks.

A friend and professional colleague sent me a thoughtful piece, “Syria’s air force didn’t act alone. That has implications” b from 11 April 2017 12:42 PM.  Well worth reading.  

Then there’s this:

Unfortunately, as a retired military intelligence officer, the article did not “feel” complete to me.  I have to read through the White House dossier on Syria, first.

Right now I have more questions than answers.

  • Why would Assad risk making Russia angry by a chemical weapons attack?
  • Why would Assad risk making the United States angry with a chemical weapons attack?
  • If Russia knew, why did it allow Syria to use chemical weapons?
  • Is there a disconnect between Russia’s military in Syria and the Kremlin?
  • Why that particular target?  Is there a known bad guy there who always seems able to escape?
  • Has there been a forensic analysis of the munitions used in the attack?  Did the casing survive? Was it Russian or did Syria craft the casing?

Somebody, namely Russia AND Syria, is lying out both sides of their mouth. How can Russia and Syria deny they are responsible when the evidence clearly indicates they are. How can Russia veto a UN vote, ‘Syria Resolution’.  Once again.

Tillerson was sitting down with both Lavrov and Putin AS Russia vetoed the resolution at the UN.

Russia, of course, when they are found to be complicit, will deny, deny, deny, then point the fingers at someone else.