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This Is The Worst Russian Anti-Trump Propaganda Ever

This article is the worst Russian anti-Trump propaganda trash ever, and that is saying it nicely.  

Finian Cunningham.  I like this guy.  Please, Sputnik, have him write some more?  

The comedic relief is refreshing. He is refreshingly reminiscent of the former Soviet drivel.  I swear they used a template, the word preceding the subject of this sentence must be…   

I mean, who writes like this and expects to be taken seriously?

I jammed Finian’s name into Google.  Out popped a list of who’s who of Russian propaganda sites and Russian propaganda proxy sites.  

Many I was already familiar with, but, then there were a few I didn’t know.   A perfunctory review reveals his bias, but I can’t vouch for the publication, however. 

The Google search was revealing in that it revealed dozens, perhaps hundreds of articles written by Finian Cunningham.  He obviously has a strong pro-Russian bias, delights in bashing American Presidents and politics, and seems to promote socialism, anarchy, and “alternative” perspectives. As long as he is bashing something or someone he seems to be happy.  I do not believe Finian Cunningham has written a single article approving of anything. Remind me to never invite him to a party, he’d be a “downer”. 

If all else fails, this is a good starting point for the discovery of more Russian “propaganda rags” to add to my “Russian News, Russian Proxy News Sites, And Conspiracy Theory Sites” list. 

Oh, yeah, I recently added Conspiracy Theory Sites to that list.  Now to someday split hairs, and determine which of the Russian proxy sites should be considered just conspiracy theory sites which carry the occasional Russian propaganda BS.

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This Is The Worst Russian Anti-Trump Propaganda Ever

April 8, 2017

Are you nostalgic for the days when Russian propaganda sounded like the incoherent raving of angry illiterate leftists? Sputnik’s Finian Cunningham has you covered. The Russian front media outlets are none too fond of President Trump’s strike on Syria. But Finian Cunningham’s column at Sputnik is truly a nostalgic dive into the glorious past of Mother Russia.

Poodle Trump Runs With Dogs of War is the headline. And the whole thing reads like it was badly translated from North Korean propaganda. 

So the brash, big-mouth tycoon in the White House with an outsized ego has finally unleashed the dogs of war in Syria… Invoking God and the suffering of “little babies”, the supposed US Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump ordered the bombing of Syria with cruise missiles launched from warships in the Mediterranean.

I like the “supposed” part. I’m not sure how the New York Times is going to play that one if the Russians jump on their “supposed” bandwagon.

This was while Trump was digesting a dinner of steak and carrots in his Florida beach resort on Thursday night.

You just know this was badly translated from 1950’s Russian.

“The US political establishment – driven as it always is by the imperative need of waging wars to shore up its crumby capitalist economy –”

There we go. A “capitalism” insult. Now you know this comes from the 50s. Also lots of dog metaphors.

Trump, the self-declared “outsider” has been forced to prove that he is an “insider”, an obedient poodle to the American war Rottweiler 

And then there’s the confused logic.

The fact that Russian forces were stationed at the targeted airbase at Shayrat – but were reportedly unscathed – is a shocking sign of how reckless the latest American military action is. 

Russians forces shockingly unscathed by reckless Americans!

That’s how American capitalism works. And Trump is nothing but a poodle willing to jump through the hoops, roll over and lick the boots of the criminal masters.

Get him a job with the New York Times.



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