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Russia Touts New S-500 – Why?

Syria’s SAM coverage looks complete. Why did they miss 59 targets?

I expect to see many Russian advertisements for their new missile defense systems. 


It’s a shame when presented with 59 actual targets, neither Syria or Russia could engage any of them.  I have to wonder how Russia sells any of these systems to anybody. 

Russian propaganda lied about 23 missiles missing their targets, a sweet attempt at diverting attention from their air defense failure for the vaunted S-400 as well as the S-300 and the Pantsir.  

Notice the article below specifically stating they can shoot down cruise missiles.

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© RIA Novosti. Kirill Kallinikov S-400 missiles are capable of destroying targets in near space (but apparently not 59 cruise missiles)

MOSCOW April 8th – RIA Novosti. Aerospace power in the near future will be adopted promising anti-aircraft missile system S-500, he told reporters in chief videoconferencing Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

“Every year we get five sets of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, the new radar – this rate we are satisfied, goes further development, we are the industry does not stand still, rapidly developed newest system S-500, and soon he will go adopt-Defense forces, “- said the commander in chief.

Earlier, the head of the Military Academy of Aerospace Defense named Zhukov, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Lyaporov said that the armed forces have already begun to prepare specialists to work on the C-500.

C-500 is a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems “ground-to-air”. This universal set of long-range and high-altitude interception whose radius lesion is 600 kilometers. The system may simultaneously hit to 10 ballistic missiles flying at a speed of up to 7 kilometers per second, as well as airplanes, helicopters and cruise missiles [emphasis added].



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  1. Sounds like Putin is advertising the “you can keep your doctor” too with the S-500. Seriously, Russian Strategic Air Defense systems have a dismal record.

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