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This Protest Pic of Putin Has Been Outlawed in Russia, so Let’s Plaster It Everywhere

If there’s one thing Russian President Vladimir Putin likes less than LGBTQIA people, it’s criticism. So, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about this image that protesters were using—but we’re not in Russia, and we’ve got an extra, election-meddling bone to pick with him in addition to our usual human rights concerns, so it’s become a new favorite of ours.

Indeed, the ban covers any images of Putin “with eyes and lips made up” so as to suggest “the supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.” So, as the Washington Post points out, it could be this one:

Or this one:

Or any others you might find around the Internet if you Google “Vladimir Putin gay clown,” which again, you should not do and then spread those images around, because Putin hates them—especially since you’re not in Russia, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Boy would that make him mad. There are so many because they’ve been circulating in various forms since the passage of an anti-gay Russian law in 2013 and the subsequent protests.

It seems that this most recent addition to Russia’s roster of “extremist materials,” which are automatically banned under law, was made in the wake of reporting that over 100 men suspected of homosexuality had been arrested in Chechnya—a federal subject of Russia—with at least three of them having been killed. That’s terrible and absolutely reason for protest, whether Putin enjoys it or not—in fact, especially if he does not, which is why we’ve taken such a liking to these protest images.

I guess I can’t ever go to Russia now.

(via NY Daily News, image: Nikolay Androsov /, edits)