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Putin’s Sexual Peccadilloes

Single source reporting, a ‘defector’ walked into an embassy in a former Soviet country in Northern Europe.  I am withholding only a little information.

Historically this would be categorized as unreliable.

  • The videos could be manufactured, a la Trump dossier.
  • Sources have lied since the dawn of time.
  • The source has no proven history.
  • The information cannot be corroborated.
  • This could be an SVR disinformation plot.

Also, why would a ‘defector’ go to an Embassy in a country outside Russia?   The only way this makes sense is if the defector knows there are fewer layers between the front desk and an intelligence officer than in a police station.

The information is potentially so deleterious to Putin it cannot be ignored.

Putin is seen to be:

  • Gay
  • Murderer, in fact, a serial murderer

I could add to that list, especially, Putin is an abject hypocrite.

With that, the article from a reporter I have known for many years. His information has historically been reliable.  After all, his reputation is also on the line.

By Staff Reporter

After the ban on pictures of Vladimir Putin photo-shopped into “homosexual” content, this correspondent feels he should bring to attention the shocking footage smuggled out of Russia and deposited at a Western embassy in Europe.

I was in attendance at the embassy when the defector arrived, in a great deal of fear, having crossed the Russian border 24 hours previously, begging for asylum.

In his possession were a set of videos.  Containing footage taken at Putin’s dacha.

The footage was taken over a period of time, as evidenced by the changing seasons.

It showed the Russian premier brutally raping, and then murdering, young (male) Russian conscripts.

In scenes reminiscent of the darkest days of the Soviet regime, eleven young men were shown being used, abused and eventually murdered by “The Russian Bear”, Mr. Putin.

As a seasoned war and intelligence correspondent, I can attest that these videos were among the most vile and sickening material that I have ever seen.

Attempts by Mr. Putin to reduce the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQIA community in Russia to secure votes from the hinterland should be seen in this light.

Those who buy into the propaganda that Mr. Putin is a good person should bear in mind that he is a murderous, rapacious, and generally evil, man.  Be warned.