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Disgusting: Sputnik Uses Bombing For Propaganda

 In all my years I have never seen anything so disgusting or vile as this article by Sputnik.  Sputnik uses grief, sympathy, empathy, and friendliness as leverage to take advantage of the situation and attempts to shame other countries for not showing what they consider an adequate show of sympathy and support.

After years of attacking the West in the press, participating in atrocities, invading other countries, illegally annexing parts of other countries, cheating at sports, faking events, assassinating Putin critics – the list goes on for pages – Sputnik is attempting to SHAME other countries for not showing Russia enough sympathy?

The world grieves for Russians killed in a probable terrorist attack yesterday in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The mainstream media covered the story in depth, citing the numbers of Russians killed and injured, Russian President Putin’s laying of flowers at the scene to memorialize those maimed, and the the world waited with baited breath as one suspect was shown and dismissed.  Then a suspect was named, pictured, and described, a 22 year old:

A native of Kyrgyzstan who had a Russian passport was responsible for the deadly blast in St. Petersburg, the Kyrgyz and Russian authorities said on Tuesday, as the toll from the attack rose to 14 dead and more than 60 injured. – New York Times –

Leave it to Sputnik, then, to attempt to shame Germany and France in the aftermath.  There is little that compares with shaming in the midst of grieving to show one’s heartlessness.

Berliners, Parisians Slam Cities’ Decision Not to Mark St. Petersburg Tragedy

16:04 04.04.2017(updated 17:51 04.04.2017)

In contrast to their reaction to other terrorist attacks, the authorities of Berlin and Paris didn’t light up city landmarks in a show of solidarity with the victims, a decision which was greeted with disapproval by French and German citizens.


Citizens of Paris and Berlin are confused by the authorities’ decision not to light up iconic landmarks in the colors of the Russian flag following the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg…  –

A tweet by a ‘German citizen’ was quoted to show how shameful Germany’s behavior was. “”This was done virtually – our government is too antisocial to show our solidarity. #StPetersburg #BrandenbergGate #Russia”

The article continues with more statements by ‘disgusted’ citizens of various countries, even attacking Israel.  I am sickened. 

Vile, disgusting, reprehensible, opprobrious.  Sputnik, you have reached a new low.