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Donbas in Flames. Guide to the Conflict Zone

Today Prometheus Center has released an English version of the book ““. The guide is intended for journalists, researchers, war experts and general readers seeking to form their own opinion on the war in the eastern part of Ukraine. The book is distributed free of charge.

You can download PDF version here: https://prometheus.ngo/…/2…/03/Donbas_v_Ogni_ENG_web_1-2.pdf

If you would like to get a printed version, please, contact Prometheus Center to fill in the request form.

Foreword. When the Truth Is the Best Weapon

In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries selected the term “post-truth” as its international word of the year. Objective facts have been losing their key role in politics and decision-making, causing an overwhelming proliferation of fake news and public opinion manipulation. Western countries have only now realized how vulnerable they are to post-truth, but Ukraine first started feeling it in the spring of 2014, when, after the victory of the Euromaidan Revolution, the Kremlin launched its massive propaganda campaign. Seeking to undermine Ukrainian statehood, both on the domestic (Ukrainian) and international level, Russian agitprop has been targeting every potential audience, from housewives to key decision makers.

After three years of war, against all odds, Ukrainian society has learned how to confront Russia’s propaganda aggression through numerous initiatives aimed against the policy of post-truth. We believe that Ukraine’s first-hand experience can be useful to other countries and communities that are just becoming aware of the new threats and challenges.

Ukraine has been countering Russian hybrid aggression in the Donbas and Crimea for three years. Our research aims to offer an introductory lecture for journalists, analysts, diplomats and experts trying to comprehend the situation in the East of Ukraine, the region’s geographic and sociopolitical features, external and internal causes and stages of the war. We also want to steer you away from the models, stereotypes, and simplifications that often appear in the media. It is especially important for us to illustrate to our readers the hybrid nature of the military and propaganda aggression by the Kremlin, and outline the ways to counter it.

We would like to thank the InformNapalm volunteer community for providing source material for this research. We are also deeply grateful to the experts and journalists, who helped us with valuable ideas and advice during our work.