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TASR Signed A Co-operation Agreement With Pro-Putin Agency Sputnik

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To quote from StopFake on Facebook:

News agency of Slovakia (TASR) just signed a cooperation agreement with Sputnik News agency.

StopFake has debunked numerous fakes and propaganda piece coming from Sputnik, while the agency received numerous warnings in Poland, Turkey and France.

Sputnik, an official Russian propaganda outlet, a proven originator of fake news, has signed a cooperative agreement with TASR (  This clearly establishes TASR as associated with a Russian state-sponsored propaganda site. It is to be established if they filter out fake news, propaganda, and disinformation originating at Sputnik. 

A review of the site TASR.RK and sister site TERAZ.SK (Now, in Slovak) shows a preponderance of fair and objective news.  Let’s see how this agreement reflects on their coverage.  TASR operates web TERAZ.SK , SKOLSKYSERVIS.SK and WEBMAGAZIN.SK

I sent the editors at TASR.SK the following question: 

Seeing as Sputnik is a state-sponsored Russian propaganda site, I would like a statement for an article on how you intend to use news coming from Sputnik.  Do you intend to filter out obvious propaganda, disinformation, or fake news?  

I look forward to their answer.

25 hours later, still no answer, so I am going to publish.

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29/03/2017 14:50

At the time of hybrid warfare and spreading misinformation to TASR chosen as a partner just pro-Putin agency directly linked to the Kremlin. Updating the opinion TASR general director Jaroslava Rezníka.


Pro-government Russian news agency Sputnik praised that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the News Agency of the Slovak Republic.

On the basis of this Agreement, the TASR and Sputnik “to exchange content, language and develop common projects, aimed at strengthening relations between Russia and the Slovak,” writes agency Sputnik.

Sputnik is a project that spreads worldwide through press and radio reports pro-Russian propaganda and says it fights against Western propaganda.Content agency Sputnik assume many pro-Putin and conspiracy sites in Slovakia, for example, web

NATO said the agency Sputnik as “the Kremlin’s propaganda machine,” which disseminates misinformation and distorted articles influencing political opinion around the world.A spokesman for the military alliance said that such coverage is used for “political and military needs.”Sputnik leadership has protested against it.

The News Agency of the Slovak Republic is founded and subsidized by the state.For many media is an essential source of information.A large part of the reports from abroad regions, the policies originate from TASR.

“We are pleased to be working with a large agency like TASR. This agreement will help us to improve the exchange of information between our countries understand each other better and communicate directly, without intermediaries,” said deputy editor Sergei Kochetkov Sputnik.

“TASR works with many larger or smaller intelligence agencies around the world. These are mostly exchange content in English. TASR has always been interested in expanding the scope of its news sources,” he said by Sputnik managing editor TASR Marián Kolár.

Sputnik as print and radio network has been represented in dozens of countries and spread content in 30 languages.

The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution, which highlights the growing Russian propaganda directed against the EU.The resolution says the expansion of disinformation and propaganda activities in Europe Kremlin to weaken, divide and discredit the EU.The resolution also says that Russia supports far-right populist parties and movements directed against the EU.Russia to findings by EP uses a number of tools, among which TV channel Russia Today (RT) and news agency Sputnik.A specific example of such propaganda is a fictional story – a hoax about an alleged rape in Germany living Russian asylum seekers.Sputnik example nepravidvú spread the message about self Angela Merkel with ISIS fighters or untrue story about a young Syrian refugees Anas Modamanovi.

Jaroslav Rezník questions Omédiá why they chose to cooperate agency Sputnik, he replied as follows: “First of all, I note that TASR extremely precise committed to the production of hoaxes do not rely. In cooperation with other agencies we entered and therefore, in order to have direct and the failure to access the database, which gives us an even better place for it, so that we can immediately evaluate what is possible hoax, what is not and to highlight it. When editors foreign editors, TASR chosen to service management, is properly labeled and its original source, and will be the editor of the client or management used or not. In addition, we have agreed the principle of reciprocity, which means that the Agency Slovakia and Slovaks received another communication channel and their potential over-interpretation can be easily verified. “