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Stalin’s Great Terror Wasn’t So Bad, Putin TV Suggests



One thought on “Stalin’s Great Terror Wasn’t So Bad, Putin TV Suggests

  1. Hi Joel, I read your blog daily via your Twitter feed. I think I’ve tried contacting you before, figured I’d try again. I have a collection of Russian avant grade art…It’s a long story but I think at the very least you’d find it interesting. Petr Aven (from Trump Dossier fame) collects the same type of art. He’s cast a long shadow over our and others collection/s via propaganda campaign that he’s waged over the last 10+ years. The propaganda tactics used against our art have a certain flavor, very similar to the 2016 campaign “fake news”. I’ve attached a link to an essay explaining our situation. If you don’t have time to read it maybe you could pass it on to an assistant or student for vetting.

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