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Jihadist Navy SEALs Promo Video

I was in Special Forces many years ago, on a SCUBA team.  Many of the scenarios they were attempting to portray actually made me guffaw.

Yes, it is ISIS propaganda. Yes, it shows ISIS’ elite fighters.  No, they are absolutely no good. They suck. No, they are beyond sucky. They are bad.  

The main reason I raise this here is someone sent me a link to an article Humor always wins. Ridicule is a weapon. Somewhat like the ISIS video, it sucked. 

Psssst, hey buddy.  Loosen up.  One of the first rules of humor is to see humor in everything.  I’ve already planned to have the song “Jack in the Box” played at my funeral…  Then watch everybody stare at my coffin. 

</end editorial>

ISIS “Navy SEALs” Promo Video Is Hilarious (And Awful)

The video also has, what sounds like children, singing, “In the name of Allah.”

ISIS uses social media, videos and the internet to recruit members. So while they’ll keep pumping out videos like this, we’ll keep dropping bombs.

Have a good laugh while this video is still up on YouTube. Often times ISIS attacks videos that embarrass them, like this one! Enjoy.