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The names of the FSB, allegedly behind the scheme of laundering $ 22 billion through Moldova

This is going to be big. 

I actually held off on this, I thought it too big, it could be disinformation. 

Then there is this OCCRP tweet:

This could be much, much bigger than one might imagine. 

  • They “followed the money” from the FSB.  Quickly, too.
  • They followed the money through Moldova.  What “through” actually means, we shall see.
  • This exposes corruption on a massive scale, from Russia, throughout Europe.
  • This demonstrates, if not proves, FSB involvement, therefore Russian direct interference, in massive election interference. 
  • This proves Russia has lied about not being involved in election interference in other countries. 

What to expect next?  

  • Russian denials
  • Russian whataboutisms
  • More Russian denials
  • Attacks on the credibility of novayagazeta.ru, which is renowned for journalistic investigations.  
  • Attacks on the credibility of OCCRP
  • More Russian denials and alternative theories
  • Statements by Putin and Peskov that this is a conspiracy by ‘Western intelligence’ to smear the reputation of Russia
  • More Russian denials, giant flowcharts showing monies flowing from the US, the UK, and the West, instead
  • A myriad of Russian “news reports” covering all the corruption and revolutions in the world, enabled by US and UK dollars.  Among the accusations: 
    • Most notable is the 1917 revolution in Russia was fully financed by the UK
    • The UK stole all the Russian gold in 1917
    • Every other revolution in the history of mankind was sponsored by the US
    • The US never paid for Alaska
  • Russian accusation: A Secret Putin Palace on Russia’s Black Sea? – was paid for by the US
  • Russian accusation:  Russian accusation: Medvedev’s Winter Palace – was paid for by the US 
  • Russian accusation:  Medvedev Manor – was paid for by the UK

Just like MH17.

 The level of corruption in Russia, and now from Russia, is overwhelming.  If Russia was an adult person, they would need an intervention.  If Russia was a little boy, they would need a spanking.  If Russia was a playground bully, one strong and skilled boy could stand up to him and stop him. 

What do you do if the “bad boy” is a country? 

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

Roman Anin Editor Investigations Department

On Thursday, Reuters reported, citing sources in the Moldovan law enforcement agencies and the government, said that the scheme of laundering $ 22 billion over Moldova can stand FSB.

The investigation of this major crime has led to a diplomatic row between Russia and Moldova. Last week, Prime Minister of Moldova and Chairman of the Parliament handed a protest note to the Russian ambassador in connection with mass arrests, searches and interrogations of Moldovan officials in Russia.

In particular, Reuters quoted Deputy Prosecutor General of Moldova Yuri Garab, which two months ago, was detained at a Moscow airport, despite the fact that they arrived in Russia on an official visit as part of the delegation.

Total Moldovan authorities say about 25 officials who have been subjected to pressure from the Russian special services in the past few months. One employee of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs detained and interrogated 35 times in recent years.

Moldovan authorities have linked the behavior of Russian security services not to Kremlin policy, and with the desire of individual representatives of the Federal Security Service to prevent the investigation of cases of laundering $ 22 billion.

The protest note transmitted by the Russian ambassador, according to Reuters data, said that the Russian law enforcement authorities have ignored requests from the Moldovan colleagues many times to help them with the investigation and identification of the origin derived from Russia 700 billion rubles.

Recall, “Novaya Gazeta” has in 2014 reported a large-scale scheme withdrawal from Russia 700 billion rubles by illegal decisions of Moldovan judges.

The current diplomatic conflict began in 2014, with a visit to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, two operational staff management “K” of the Russian FSB – Eugene Volotovsky and Alexei Shmatkova.

Volotovsky and Shmatkov represented FSB Russia at a joint meeting with the employees of law enforcement bodies of Moldova.

The special services of the two countries were to agree on a joint investigation of one of the largest money-laundering operations in Eastern Europe.

Employees of the FSB of Russia have been in Chisinau for two days, after which, according to their Moldovan colleagues, just disappeared and no longer respond to requests and letters.

“We have the feeling that they did not come to help us, and to see how far we have come in the investigation and get all the materials. After that contact began to play as if in a ping-pong: Our requests to be forwarded from one Russian FSB department to another, “- said on condition of anonymity, employee of the Moldovan law-enforcement bodies.

Since 2014 Moldova did not wait assistance from the Russian authorities in the investigation of this case. And then began mass arrests and interrogations of Moldovan officials.

Opposition and lack of cooperation on the part of Russian law enforcement officials and forced Moldova to assume that in the scheme of money laundering were FSB.

Details of this diplomatic scandal became known “Novaya
Gazeta” as a result of a joint investigation with the Centre for Research on corruption and organized crime (OCCRP), newspaper the Guardian, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and others.

“Novaya Gazeta” managed to obtain unique data on the movement of money on the accounts of the companies involved in the laundering of $ 22 billion. With these data we share with 61 journalist from 32 countries. Our joint investigation will be published on Monday, March 20 at the same time in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, the UK, Finland, Denmark, USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and many other countries.

We managed to find out who got most of the output from the Russia 700 billion rubles as the money used to finance European parties, smuggling and many other payment purposes.

Source: https://www.novayagazeta.ru/news/2017/03/17/129935-stali-izvestny-imena-sotrudnikov-fsb-yakoby-stoyaschih-za-shemoy-otmyvaniya-20-mlrd-dollarov-cherez-moldaviyu