Korean conflict?

By Alan Wykes

Speaking to toinformistoinfluence.com senior South Koren defence and intelligence officials have highlighted the likelihood of conflict between the two countries in the immediate future.

A senior intelligence officer in South Korea, who has been working serious overtime over the last few weeks believes “We will go in. It is a matter of when not if. We cannot wait until the DPRK develops a functioning, accurate ballistic missile system, and manages to miniaturise a nuclear warhead.”

When questioned about this serious threat to South Asian international affairs, another source from the South Koren military stated that “We have evaluated the threats that conflict would involve and how to minimize this. We believe we could take out or occupy all artillery positions targeting Seoul within one hour, and our air force would be able to ensure that there is no risk of a “Big Boy” style attack on Seoul.”

The Korean sources have expressed most emphatically that they wish to minimise causalities to the average North Korean, and that their focus is on removing the regime of Kim Jong-Un.

They feel emboldened by the lack of support for the DPRK regime by China, which have become increasingly strained since the accession of Kim Jong-Un and his focus on becoming a nuclear power, and the election of Donald Trump as US president./ENDS