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Academic journal of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence

  • Strategic Communications in International Relations: Practical Traps and Ethical Puzzles – Mervyn Frost, Nicholas Michelsen
  • ‘Hacking’ Into the West: Russia’s Anti-Hegemonic’ Drive and the Strategic Narrative Offensive – James Rogers, Andriy Tyushka
  • The Russian Perspective on Information Warfare: Conceptual Roots and Politicisation in Russian Academic, Political, and Public Discourse – Ofer Fridman
  • Examining the Use of Botnets and their Evolution in Propaganda Dissemination – Nitin Agarwal, Samer Al-khateeb, Rick Galeano, Rebecca Goolsby
  • Putin, Xi, and Hitler—Propaganda and the Paternity of Pseudo Democracy – Nicholas O’Shaughnessy
  • The Significance and Limitations of Empathy in Strategic Communications – Claire Yorke
  • Britain’s Public War Stories: Punching Above its Weight or Vanishing Force? – Thomas Colley
  • A Closer Look at Yemen – A review essay by James P. Farwell
  • Weaponised Honesty: Communication Strategy and NATO Values – A review essay by John Williams

Defence Strategic Communications is an international peer-reviewed journal. The journal is a project of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE). It is produced for scholars, policy makers and practitioners around the world. It does not represent the opinions or policies of NATO or NATO StratCom COE. The views presented in the following articles are those of the authors alone.