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Russian Spetsnaz And Mercenaries In Libya

A friend and I are noticing signs of both Russian Spetsnaz and Russian mercenaries in Libya, supported from Western Egypt.

Shades of Syria.

Oleg Krinitsyn, owner of private Russian firm RSB-group, says he had people there until a short while ago.  Where are they now?

In recent weeks, Russia has taken in 100 of Haftar’s wounded fighters for medical treatment.

According to the Times of Malta, Russia is trying to become “the chief ‘powerbroker’ not only in Libya but the entire Middle East and North African region. ”

In just today’s news:

In a separate incident in Libya:

On Saturday:

Prior to that, on Mar 7:

6 Mar:

On 4 March, Russia instructs Libya what to do:

Obama left a power vacuum by doing nothing. Russia is taking advantage of Obama’s fecklessness.


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