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“Let Slip the Dogs and Cats of War”: How Russia Lost in the Kittycat and Puppydog Media War

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Ukraine won?  Wussia lost?

</end editorial>

While most of us who have been studying Russia’s immense propaganda war against Ukraine have been mostly focused on the Russian effort to saturate global media with toxic trash intended to demean and dirty all things Ukrainian, the Ukrainians fought a very effective counter-campaign in a totally unexpected way – saturating global social and mass media with photos and footage of soldiers and their pet cats and dogs, almost exclusively rescued from the warzone in Eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region. With almost 2 million local residents fleeing West into Ukraine, large numbers of pets were abandoned or lost as these internal refugees fled.

The abandoned pets were rescued in large numbers by Ukrainian Army, National Guard and Militia troops, and usually taken home once the troops were rotated out of the warzone, although many were also directly relocated to pet shelters in Central and Western Ukraine.

Russia’s attempt to counter with a ‘Most Patriotic Cat’ Competition was unable to produce any significant media impact, compared to the viral propagation of Ukrainian “warcat” photos in global mass and social media.

In public relations war terms, the Ukrainians wiped the Russians off the map …..

Ukrainian Tactical Cat Blitzkrieg


Ukrainian Cat Army. Why the Ukrainian Military Will Put Up Monuments to Cats – Maidan [Translation of First Photoessay]

UkrARMY cats & dogs (@UAarmy_animals) | Twitter

UkrARMY cats & dogs on Twitter: “Ukrainian war cat)))) #army #Ukraine #cats #war #soldier #cat #freedom #pet #pets”

Ukraine Army 2016 | Tactical Cat – YouTube

Tactical Cat. Calm, soothing, with warming effect.

Second Chance For Pets Abandoned In Ukrainian War Zones

DNIPROPETROVSK, Ukraine — Their names give a hint as to their wartime origins: Pravosek, a sleek 2-year-old tabby named after the nationalist group Right Sector, and Manyasha, a plucky white kitte…

Fallout from the war in East Ukraine are pets left wounded, abandoned or alone.Manchester Ink Link

Animals left behind by owners fleeing East Ukraine,

Ukrainian soldiers post photographs of their pets on front line online | Daily Mail Online

Ukrainian soldiers have given a rare insight into life on the frontline by surprisingly posting pictures of their beloved pet dogs and kittens.

Let slip the dogs and cats of war: hardened fighters find furry friends in Ukraine battle zone | South China Morning Post

They fight rats, depression and even serve in combat roles – dogs and yes, some cats, have turned into a prized companion for fighters on both sides of eastern Ukraine’s separatist war….

Ukrainian Soldiers On The Front Lines Live Alongside Dogs And Cats To Boost Their Morale

On the front lines near Marioupol, one of the last Eastern Ukrainian cities still under Kiev’s control, Ukrainian soldiers live with cats and dogs.

Cats and dogs: Fighters’ best friends in east Ukraine – Daily Sabah

Fighting rats, depression and even serving in combat roles, dogs – and yes, even some cats – have turned into prized companions for fighters on both sides of eastern Ukraine’s separatist war

Ukrainian soldier goes home from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine with a rescued cat. | BuzzBoomBox

Ukrainian soldier goes home from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine with a rescued cat.

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ukraine cat | Tumblr

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A Tyranny of Cats in Ukraine | World Affairs Journal

Viktor Yanukovych isn’t taking any chances as he transforms Ukraine into the very model of a modern major nation—in short, any cat from stray to Broadway will have to go. Photoessay Series

UA Top 40 Frontline Feline Photoessay – To Inform is to Influence


Anonymous expert compilation.   SC at its finest. UA soldiers are very human, loving, and caring. Now watch Russia try the same. </end editorial> These are literally rescued kitties, from the rubble of towns and villages on the front line. Ukraine’s Dogs (And Cats) Of War Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty –  Ukraine’s Dogs…—11-05112016123300

Russian Counter-Attack

Ukraine separatists crown ‘most patriotic cat’ – BBC News            


Breakaway region of Ukraine holds a competition to find the self-proclaimed republic’s most loyal feline.

Ukrainian Separatists Hold a ‘Most Patriotic Cat’ Competition | Foreign Policy

Ukrainian Separatists Hold a ‘Most Patriotic Cat’ Competition « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

Russia’s ‘valiant hero’ in Ukraine turns his fire on Vladimir Putin | World news | The Guardian           

Igor Strelkov, Russian ‘military hero’ of the war in Ukraine, steps out of the shadows to fire salvo at president Putin and predict upheaval in Russia