“Disinformation” wiki recently updated

“Disinformation” wiki recently updated, excerpt:

In the post-Soviet era, disinformation evolved to become a key tactic in the military doctrine of Russia.[26] Russia used disinformation to such a high degree during the early 21st century that both the European Union and NATO each took effort to set up special units to analyze and debunk fabricated falsehoods.[26] NATO founded a modest facility in Latvia to respond to disinformation, and the EU created the European External Action Service which published weekly reports on disinformation tied back to the Kremlin.[27] Methods used during this period of time by Russia included its Kremlin-controlled mouthpieces news agency Sputnik News and television outlet Russia Today (RT).[26] When explaining the 2016 annual report of the Swedish Security Service on disinformation, representative Wilhelm Unge stated: “We mean everything from internet trolls to propaganda and misinformation spread by media companies like RT and Sputnik.”[26]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disinformation

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