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How to News War

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Here Dr. Igor Panarin is advocating a systemic, whole-of-government system of information warfare, with a Presidential coordinator.

A Special Assistant to the President could coordinate the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Federal Security Service and others.

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Article from the newspaper: Еженедельник “Аргументы и Факты” № 9 01/03/2017  (The weekly “Arguments and Facts” number 9 03.01.2017)

We have over the years lost to the West in the information sphere. For example: in 1945, 68% of the French population felt that the greatest contribution to the victory over fascism, the Soviet Union has made, and in 1994 – only 20%. Now the situation is even worse.

Igor Panarin, Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences, the author of books on information warfare

Information operations include both information and technical areas (this electronic warfare (EW), and the notorious hackers), and information and psychological. With EW and Information Resource protection we have no problems. We lose we are still in the information-psychological field. Take hacker attacks on the US Democratic Party, participation in which we deny. I think that it was a pretty special operation of US intelligence and the UK for the purpose of systematic demonization of Russia.

The information wars we are in a defensive position, we are forced to make excuses. And yet – we are late in responding. If in July 2014, when the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down , the Defense Ministry held its brilliant press conference for 3 days before, the effect would be much more favorable.

Creating information operations forces – an important first step. But we need others. The same US doctrine informoperatsy (defensive and offensive) received more in 1998. At the same time it created the relevant units in the Presidential Administration and the State Department (Center for Global Communications). In 1999 in the United States introduced the post of Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, which essentially deals and informoperatsiyami. A former outpost of the Cold War, the USIA Agency (USIA), became part of the Department of State. And in 2009 came the US Cyber Command, which was headed by the director of the most sensitive US intelligence agencies – the NSA. Its structure permeates 18 different services and all kinds of US forces. We are only at the beginning of this path, go with a delay of two decades. We need a whole system of information warfare. A coordinate the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Federal Security Service and others. Special Assistant to the President could.

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