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Shoigu ordered Informvoyskam go on the Offensive

Russia says they are in an Information Operations (IO) offensive. 

Information is supposedly being used as a tool and as a weapon. 

I am seeing almost daily declarations of IO ‘forces’ and now an ‘IO offensive’.    Against who? 

What is clear is that the Russians are being purposefully unclear:

What are the informational troops is not clear – whether it is a kind of force, subordinate to the press service management and the Ministry of Defence information, or arm, or maybe even a new kind of armed forces to his command.  

There are a few things missing:

  • No previous documentation
  • No end points or objective announcements out of Shoigu’s office
    • A few days old organization is suddenly ‘combat ready’
    • A brand new unit is suddenly on the offense?  
    • Why is this military force needed when Russia just invested $3 billion in Information Warfare?  Did they fail?
    • What do they hope to accomplish?  Local, regional, strategic?
    • What are their capabilities? Propaganda? Psychological Warfare? Electronic Warfare? Reflexive Control advice? Cyberwar? Deception? Enhanced journalism? 
  • No organizational charts
    • How were the senior officers chosen?
    • How were the other officers chosen
    • How were the enlisted soldiers chosen? 
    • Who provides their intelligence products? 
    • Graphics support?
    • Video support?
  • No training discussions in military doctrine
    • Which schools trained the soldiers?
    • How long was their training
  • No equipment procurement
  • No recruiting or hiring ads
    • Do they need a college degree?
    • Only second term soldiers?
    • Journalism backgrounds
    • English proficiency?
  • Why is Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official commenting on a military force? 

There are no answers beyond the grand pronouncement: “We have Informvoyskam”.  Too many unanswered questions, too many grandiose statements.

My first instinct is to call this an obvious attempt at deception. Is the United States and the West supposed to suddenly commit billions of dollars and thousands of personnel to this, an undefined, amorphous structure, without a set hierarchy, based on a few vague, meaningless terms?  No, Dr. Panarin, I don’t believe this effort is anything beyond a few words deep.  

I will continue watching, but for now, this is Russia’s ghost army.  I just don’t believe Russia has created any new forces, has any new capabilities, or is implementing any new innovations. 

In other words, Dr. Igor Panarin, I am calling you a liar.  I’m throwing the bullcrap flag. 

Source: ng.ru, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, “one of the biggest modern Russian periodicals devoted to topical issues of social, political and cultural life in Russia and abroad.”  

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The Ministry of Defence starts to operate military and propaganda structure

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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation established information operations forces, which lead the General Staff ordered. As explained Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu, this structural unit is known to be more effective counter-propaganda from the Soviet era and manage different offensive character.

What are the informational troops is not clear – whether it is a kind of force, subordinate to the press service management and the Ministry of Defence information, or arm, or maybe even a new kind of armed forces to his command … At least the objectives of the new structure set policy. As the head of Vladimir Shamanov said the Duma Committee on Defense, military information operations primarily designed “to protect the interests of national defense and confrontation in the information sphere.”

In other words, it is our response to the West, that Russia is not only loses local information battle, but also large-scale propaganda battle. And seriously, and in all directions. “We are much weaker in this area, – considers a recognized expert on information confrontation Doctor of Political Sciences, Igor Panarin. – If in the military sphere we had “gauges” and other shiny missile, in the field of information, we have lost a lot more. ” According to the expert, in contrast to the press service of the Defense Ministry information management and information operations forces should focus on “offensive” actions and speak with one voice with the relevant structures of the FSB and SVR, well, with the Foreign Ministry, of course. Within the area of responsibility informvoysk and cyberspace. However, according to the head of Viktor Ozerov, the Federation Council Committee put under the gun Russian hackers are not going and not going,. “This is an area of public policy”

It is clear what caused scrupulous Senator Ozerov – hacking scandal servers of the US Democratic Party, which in the West is uniquely attributed to Russian hackers. On the other hand, experience shows that the fight in white gloves – it is rotten, especially when a potential opponent in the choice of means is not particularly shy, and did not hesitate ever. So without advanced specialists in the field kibertehnology can not do. But the fact of the matter is that some “geeks” do not make the weather. To propaganda, as required by General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, was “intelligent, competent and efficient”, need and other professionals, which in former times was called the soldiers of the ideological front.

After Russia hastily stuck a bayonet in the ground ideological representatives of this specialty have become almost second-class citizens. And in the Ministry of Defense in good faith almost completely butchered with their media. The district and fleet newspapers, which in Soviet times there were more than two dozen, finally turned into combat leaflets – as the saying goes, the mind and the heart, and the former leader of the military press “Red Star” on the professional level today hardly live up to the local newspaper. Practically it is not visible in the information field, and military journals. However, with the advent of Sergei Shoigu, the Ministry of Defense appeared a media holding “Star”, but, unfortunately, the creative team of the informstruktury, judging from esters, big problems with the understanding of military affairs. And it is quite natural, since the Military University of the Russian Defense Ministry is preparing a military journalist for some reason only for friendly armies, not their own.

As a result, on the information front, except oriented abroad Russia Today, we were only two of effective power center – Department of Information and Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation headed by Maria Zakharova, and the press-service management and the Ministry of Defence information, which is headed by Major General Igor Konashenkov. And, perhaps, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin with his team …

The training of these display characters that are popular are not inferior to pop stars, no doubt. However, they have not so much offensive as defensive – on more decisive action has neither the strength nor the opportunity. But there is hope that the situation will change when the propaganda war to join forces information operations. According to the former chief of the Main Department of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, a retired, first of all, these forces should take a more powerful intelligence, reconnaissance, identification of the enemy’s intentions, and proactive information attacks.

Source: http://www.ng.ru/armies/2017-02-27/2_6936_shoigu.html