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Is this a form of information warfare?  You betcha. Does Russia deserve this?  Uh huh. 

This film of Russian atrocities against the people of Ukraine needs to be told, must be shared, and deserves the widest dissemination. 

Russia systematically starved Ukrainians to death – by the millions.  Of course, Russia denies its role. Just as Russia denies invading and annexing parts of other countries today – especially Ukraine. 

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Reviews of the Bitter Harvest movie are very mixed. It gets very positive reviews for very good on site cinematography, and authenticity, as it was shot on location in Ukraine, making use of a historically accurate period village recreation. Equally so the depiction of culture and village life is rated as highly accurate.

Conversely, reviewers are very critical of both the script and the directing of the movie, rating it as very poor.

The movie in many ways falls into the same genre as Holocaust movies, depicting the lives of ordinary people in the middle of a massive genocide, but unlike many Holocaust movies, it aims to give the world a picture of the lives of the victims before their families and communities were destroyed, which is more the genre ofFiddler on the Roof, which successfully captured the Jewish Shtetl settlement culture before it was destroyed by Russian Tsarist ethnic cleansing.

None of the reviews mention whether the movie also shows the repopulation of the massacred villages with ethnic Russian transmigrants, which was recently highlighted by the Ukrainian government releasing declassified Soviet KGB records showing the planning and scheduling of the resettlement effort in Eastern Ukraine.

The movie is important as it is the first general release Hollywood production that addresses the Holodomor, and depicts a genocide on the scale of the Holocaust that the Soviets successfully kept hidden for decades. Also it provides the public, globally, with important education on Ukraine’s 20th century history and traditional rural culture. Put simply, it provides context to an audience who mostly only know about Ukraine from skewed, inaccurate or biased mass media reporting, much of it regurgitated Russian government propaganda.


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