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Russian MFA Deploys Own Version of Fake Exposure – Fail


This ‘Western fake exposure’ site is in English, so the West is the target.  

Notice the addressee list, the Russian MFA is obviously feeling some pain: 

EU Mythbusters, Stop Fake, Yevhen Fedchenko, Лапшеснималочная, BellingCat, The Guardian, Shaun Walker, The Telegraph, and Roland Oliphant. All notable Russian propaganda exposers.   

It was deployed by the Russian Foreign Ministry, so it’s obviously a product of Dr. Igor Panarin.

Igor, baby, you have to do more than just post a page and say it’s fake.  Do more than post a screenshot and make a denial.

Call the missiles what you’re supposed to, as a propaganda expert.  They’re training aids, short-range nukes (5K or less, preferably), decoys, something.  Then throw in the usual Kremlin words: it’s a Western lie, provocation, blah, blah, blah.  Banderite, neo-something, obviously intended to cause harm to poor, innocent Russia, where everybody sits at home at night, knitting.

If you keep up this tactic, I’ll start posting Vladimir Vladimirovich and Lavrov’s speeches and just say “you lie”, which is about as effective as a handheld nuclear hand grenade.

Don’t make me scold you again, Igor.

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20 February 201717:54

Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty